What are the procedures to sponsor husband and step-children to immigrate to the US?

Currently, the information relating to sponsoring some special subjects such as husband and stepchildren is being interested in many people. Because the sponsorship of a spouse to the US is considered as the shortest petition period, helping to immigrate to the US quickly and easily to be approved.

So, what are the procedures to sponsor the husband and his step-children to immigrate to the US? Let's find out through the article below with Applyzones!

Sponsoring husband and stepchildren to immigrate to the US has the shortest processing time
Sponsoring husband and stepchildren to immigrate to the US has the shortest processing time

Requirements for sponsoring stepchildren 2020

Under the US immigration law, to avoid the case that the petition of a spouse's stepchild to the US is not approved, the relative of the child must satisfy some of the following conditions.

Requirements for permanent residents to sponsor husbands and stepchildren

- To bring the husband's stepchildren to the US, the marriage must take place before the children are 18 years old. If this marriage happens after the stepchild is 18 years old, the wife who is living in the US will not be able to sponsor the stepchildren but have to wait for the petitioner to apply for a green card for sponsorship.

- One of the advantages of the above petition is that in cases where a husband in Vietnam has 2-3 children (including stepchildren), he only needs to make an I-130 application file. In this application, you only need to record that their husbands have stepchildren accompanying to immigrate to the US and prove that their stepchild is under 18 years old and unmarried.

- The guarantee period under this category is about 2 years, compared to other settlements, this is considered the least amount of time that the family is guaranteed to wait.

Requirements for citizens to sponsor husbands with stepchildren to accompany them

- Unlike the above case, the petitioner must have completely separate documents.

- The marriage takes place before those stepchildren are 18 years old and by the time they sponsor these children are still under 21, a separate document is required.

- Sponsorship period if the sponsored child is under 21 years old will be F2A and if the child is over 21 years old is under F2B.


When interviewing and considering sponsorship, stepchildren under 16 years old need to have more written confirmation from their biological mother about the issue of allowing their biological children to go abroad with their step-parents.

Besides, the stepchild of her husband is not on the list of prohibited entry into the United States such as having an epidemic or committing a crime ...

What financial requirements should the sponsor of the husband's stepchild meet?

If you want to sponsor a step-child, how much finance you need depends on the petitioner's tax return in the US.

If the sponsor is a single (ie no one to follow), the gross salary is 25,000-27,000 USD for the sponsor and the sponsored husband. Now, if you want to sponsor your husband and 3 separate children, the fixed salary will be 37,000 - 40,000 USD in which the salary of each person is about 5,000-6,000 USD.

Form I-130 for stepchildren sponsorship

 I-130 is the most common application form to immigrate to the US under the form of identity petition today. Form I-130 will be submitted to the Department of Immigration to see if you are eligible to sponsor relatives to immigrate to the US, before the review process.

Accordingly, this form is divided into 2 categories, namely Family-Based Preference and Immediate Relative.

- Family Based Preference is divided into 5 priorities, of which:

+ Priority 1 is for unmarried children over 21 years old of US citizens.

+ Priority 2A is for Spouses, or Children under 21 years of age of permanent residents.

+ The unmarried children over 21 years old of permanent residents belong to Priority 2B group.

+ The married children of the US citizen are classified into priority 3

+ Finally, Priority 4 is reserved for Brothers and Sisters of US citizens.

- Immediate Relative is the sponsorship category with the shortest form and duration of the personal petition, it can sponsor relatives including parents, spouses or children of US citizens.

However, in the case of petitioning for the husband and stepchildren to immigrate to the US, a separate I-130 is required for each person. Please note that you need to fill all information in I-30 form, without initials. For sections not applicable, enter Not Applicable or NA. Besides, the petitioner and the applicants need to submit an additional Form G-325A.

Documents required to sponsor stepchildren to immigrate to the US

According to the US Immigration Law, you can completely petition for your husband and stepchildren to immigrate to the United States as a relative of F2A. And the papers you need to prepare fully include:

- I-130 form

- Birth certificate of the applicant and stepchildren.

- Front and back of green card / US citizenship/passport of the petitioner. Two sides of the above papers must be valid and if the name has changed, there must be a confirmation of legal name change.

- Evidence determining marital statuses such as marriage certificate, or email, photos, videos, air tickets, handwritten letters that confirm the interaction with each other.

- 01 passport photo with a white background, of which the validity period does not exceed six months

All the above documents are required to be translated into English in accordance with the immigration regulations. Please clearly state the full name and address of the translator, along with confirmation from the interpreter or translation company that the applicant has been translated correctly.

The above is a summary of all information related to the procedure of sponsoring the husband and stepchildren to immigrate to the US. We hope that with this information, you will soon complete the procedure to sponsor relatives to immigrate to the US quickly.


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