Reasons to study Environmental Science in the US

Environment science is currently one of the “hot” professions and is highly appreciated in the US. As a young generation who loves nature and is passionate about studying the environment, studying Environment science in the US will give students many job opportunities with high income in the US.

Studying Environmental science in the US is the dream of many international students
Studying Environmental science in the US is the dream of many international students 

1. Studying Environmental science in the US

The environment science is a broad field of study, covering a wide range of areas, with a combination of physical, chemical and biological sciences, as well as the application of environmental insights. In essence, the core objective of this field is to improve the understanding of problems in the surrounding environment and the response to bad actors, finding a sustainable solution for the environment.

In the process of studying abroad, students have the opportunity to study, experience and research about the earth, water, atmosphere as well as the structure and relationship between people and the surrounding environment.

In addition, Environmental science students have the responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the environment: reducing pollution, restoring or managing the ecosystem ... before the negative effects and indifference of people with the environment.

2. Why study Environmental science in the US?

2.1. Environmental science is a leading and developed field

In Vietnam, this field of study is not popular for students, because it is not delivered at many universities. However, in the US, environmental science is strongly developed and ranked first in the world.

The United States is the world's most industrialized country, making it become the country with the highest emission. Moreover, the United States is also the country with the highest budget on the environment in the world (more than 8 billion USD/year).

Specifically, most of this account is invested in education and research on environmental solutions. This industry group is receiving a great deal of attention from US businesses, aiming to offer environmentally friendly solutions. In recent years, studying Environmental science in the US has always been “hot” for international students.

2.2. The quality of living environment is good

According to Iqair's report (2018), air quality in the United States ranked 9th globally. In particular, Oak Harbor is named as the freshest city in the world. Besides, other cities all achieve high safety index.

Meanwhile, Vietnam always ranks among the top countries with the lowest air quality. In particular, Hanoi - the most densely populated area, always ranks in the TOP 10 cities with the most polluted atmosphere for human health in the world.

The United States has a fresh living environment with modern facilities and innovation, so why do not students choose this to be your study destination?

2.3. The quality of education is good

The United States has always been the world leader when it comes to the quality of education. In the US, international students not only study a well-designed, meticulous and unique program but also practice alternately throughout the learning process.

Studying Environmental science in the US, international students will be enrolled in a formal training program, including many hours of experiment and practice. Students will also participate in the internships that last from several months to a year, integrated in semesters of the year, helping students shape their own future careers.

It can be said that this is a condition for students to easily acquire theoretical knowledge as well as gain experience and skills for yourselves, to be ready-to-work after graduation.

2.4. Career opportunities

After successfully completing your studies at American universities, students can apply for the following positions:

  • Water and land quality managers
  • Environment and resources managers
  • Waste managers
  • Working in a nature reserve
  • Natural landscape planners, environmental engineers
  • Teaching or researching
  • Environmental organizations and departments (Department of Natural Resources and Environment)
  • International organizations: UNEP, WHO, CGIAR ...

3. The path of studying Environmental science in the US

The duration of the Bachelor program is at least 3 years, including theory and experiment practice and practical research. In addition, many courses also enable students to practice according to their major.

Environmental Science in the US is a broad field, including many areas, specifically divided into the following majors:

  • Environmental science
  • Environment and Health
  • Environment studies
  • Sustainability

4. Apply to study Environmental science in the US

The process of applying for studying environmental science will be completely free when students use the application system of ApplyZones. The system will automatically send your application to your desired school, saving you time and money in finding and applying to study abroad.

By experiencing the application, you will easily find information, compare courses and costs quickly. Since then, agents will save maximum time and manpower in counselling students and promoting the brand widely to students.

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