Tips to hunt for a Canadian scholarship with a success rate of up to 95%


Are you looking for a Canadian scholarship to help your family save the cost of studying abroad?

Are you confused where and how to start to study abroad?

So, you can take 2 minutes to read this article to know how to hunt for a Canadian scholarship with a success rate of up to 95%. Many international students have applied and succeeded.

Canada is one of the leading countries in investing in developing a comprehensive education system with world-class training quality. Despite the excellent quality of education, tuition in Canada is much lower than in other English-speaking countries. So, this is why the number of Canadian scholarships for international students is always less than in other countries. However, Canadian scholarships are often very prestigious and of great value, awarded to those who are excellent and have the outstanding academic ability. Therefore, the competition for Canadian scholarships is very hard, requiring each individual to be really serious and constantly strive to find a scholarship that suits you. To be able to successfully apply for a scholarship to study in Canada, you can refer to the following:

Getting a Canadian scholarship is the dream of many students
Getting a Canadian scholarship is the dream of many students

How to successfully apply for a Canadian scholarship:

Step 1: Read carefully the information about the scholarship 

To successfully hunt for a scholarship, firstly you need to search for information about the scholarship that suits your needs.

Canada offers 3 types of scholarships you can refer to:

  • Canadian government scholarships
  • Non-governmental scholarships
  • University-specific scholarships

For government-funded scholarships, international students will be required to attend a specific educational institution such as the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme. This is clearly stated in the scholarship program's rules.

Non-governmental scholarships may allow you to study in any country such as Ford Foundation Fellowships or only study at specific institutions such as World Bank Scholarships.

University-specific scholarships: Depending on the type of scholarship or field of training, each university will award different scholarships for international students.

Note: If you have academic merit or not too outstanding capacity, you should apply for scholarships from medium-scale institutions or schools. This means your success rate of getting a scholarship will be much higher than applying for scholarships from a large-scale school.

You can search for information about scholarships from websites like Boursesfrancophonie, ... or even from Canada study abroad seminars.

Step 2: Self-assessment 

Secondly, you need to assess your competence. You need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are, which career will suit your abilities, interests or academic results.

Step 3: Plan to perfect what you lack

After seriously evaluating yourself in step 2, what you need to do now is to work out specific plans to overcome those weaknesses. For example, if you do not regularly participate in extracurricular activities, then quickly register for volunteer activities to beautify your profile or if your English ability is not good, you need to plan to practice and improve English immediately.

Step 4: Prepare and submit student profiles 

The next thing you need to do is to carefully prepare your profiles. As you know, getting a scholarship to study abroad is not easy, so your scholarship application needs to stand out and have its quality to be able to catch the eye of the students. school in Canada. Therefore, please prepare your application carefully. Then send your resume to all the right places. The more you send in the chances of getting a scholarship, the more you should not hesitate to do this.

Eligibilities to apply for a Canadian scholarship:


The grade point average (GPA) is one of the requirements for applying for a scholarship to study in Canada. In order to increase your chances of getting scholarships to study abroad, you need to make sure you are among the best. Your GPA must be at least 7.5 or higher. The higher GPA is, the higher the success rate of the scholarship application is.

English ability

English is one of the prerequisites for receiving a scholarship. You need to have at least IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 79. If your English is not good, no matter how high GPA and the results are, it is difficult to get a scholarship.

Statement of purpose

This essay will show your ability to think and reason. For different types of scholarships, the content of the essay will be different. Your essay should highlight the reason you deserve a scholarship, with a detailed study plan that will be compelling.

Extracurricular achievements and letter of reference

Extracurricular activities are also a plus to make you impressive. You do not need to list too many extracurricular activities but focus on describing the activities you know and like.

Letter of reference plays an important role in helping get a scholarship. If the referer is a professor and a doctor who used to teach you, that's a huge advantage.

However, you should note that the referrer must understand you because the school will send an email or call for verification. If the verification information is incorrect, it will cause your scholarship application to be denied.

Study plan

The study plan will explain the reason and purpose of your study. You should clearly state why you chose to study the program, what are your passion for your studies or career goals.

Above is how to hunt for a Canadian scholarship that you can refer to in the upcoming scholarship application. Please remember to prepare your application well, as well as hone and cultivate the skills and get good academic results which help you have many advantages to successfully apply for a scholarship. Good luck to you!

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