Characteristics of American culture

For cultural diversity, it is impossible not to mention that the United States is a multi-ethnic nation. Every year, this country welcomes millions of immigrants from all over the world. However, not so that American culture is mixed with cultures from other countries.

Tipping is a familiar culture of American restaurants
Tipping is a familiar culture of American restaurants

Characteristics of American culture

1. Family culture

The United States always upholds independence. Even though family members have close ties with their families and the community, they all practice the habit of independence from an early age. In American culture, students have to go to school by themselves and go home by bus. Every day, they have self-study time at school.

In addition, the importance of individuality and human rights is highly valued by the American people.

2. Communication

2.1. Through the way of address

In the US, the spelling of a name is written as follows: the first name, then middle name, last name. In the formal way of addressing, Americans will call their last names.

Besides, Americans also often call upon the degree. For example, people with a master's degree or a doctor's degree (M.D, PhD), a doctor (Dr.) or a professor (Prof.) In intimate cases, Americans often claim their name.

2.2. Promote frankness

Americans value professionalism and courtesy. But frankness is even more important. In American culture, people always like to exchange and comment frankly, but with respect. In particular, they do not like a roundabout, which helps them solve problems without spending too much time, away from the problem or needing a third party. When you settle in the United States, you will feel the frankness is essential and important in life in this industrialized country.

2.3. Comfortable manner

In communication, Americans always create the most comfortable manner to the opposite person. They are often more open and sincere so that the problems can be expanded. People do not like to be reserved. In particular, they do not place too much emphasis on social rites as long as there is the mutual respect in relationships.

2.4. Body language

Body language is one of the factors that makes up American culture, sometimes even more important than words and ways of communication. This is reflected in the way of shaking hands, how to stand, how to sit, how to stand when communicating etc.

3. Office culture

3.1. Punctuality

In American society, the issue of time is always on top. At work, this is considered the golden rule. If you settle in the United States, you would see everything calculated on every detail of the time. Therefore, you should pay attention to punctuality in meetings and appointments.

3.2. Independence

In discussions, Americans always like independence. They encourage team members to actively speak out their opinions and protect them. In addition, at work, they tend to ask questions and answer questions, as well as analyze problems to solve. This is different from domineering and conservative.

3.3. Competition and cooperation

In American culture, Americans always appreciate the achievements they have achieved. In a work environment, they always try to create competition to help staff be more forward-looking at work.

However, most Americans work in groups, working together to accomplish the goal.

4. Public culture

4.1. Communication

If you live and study in the US, you will often have to use words like thank you, sorry and please. This is not about being courtesy, but also the minimum politeness one should have in American culture.

4.2. Lining up

Wherever you go, regardless of age, gender, status, you have to wait in line like everyone else.

5. Outstanding characteristics of American culture

5.1. Saving

Different from what many people think, those who live in the “world economic center” are very economical. If they go to a buffet restaurant, they get just the right amount of food they can eat. Besides, they often shop in the sale off or wait for super discount days like Black Friday, use public transport or bike, walk to save fuel.

5.2. Respect the rules and the law

Americans consciously comply with laws and regulations. As can be seen, this is most evident in the traffic culture. On the other hand, the fine in US laws and regulations is often very high.

5.3. Tipping

This is one of the habits that formed American culture, showing the politeness and affection of Americans. When using services such as restaurants, hotels, taxis ... you should pay tipping for those who have served you.

In many places, they do not include service charges to your bill so you can decide the amount according to the quality of service you rate. Normally, the service charge is about 5 - 15% of the total bill.


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