How much is IELTS score required to study in the US?

The benefits of studying in the US, a country with the world's leading quality education, is visible to everyone. But how much is IELTS score required to study in the US? This may be a question of many young people who have dreamed of studying abroad today. ApplyZones will give you answer this question through the useful information below!

Depending on the education level, the corresponding IELTS score is required
Depending on the education level, the corresponding IELTS score is required

How much is the minimum IELTS score required to study in the US?

In fact, IELTS is an English certificate that is required by American schools to meet international standards for students to study and apply for scholarships. How much is the minimum IELTS score required to study in the US? This is considered a question of most Vietnamese students from the moment they start planning to study abroad. However, it is also difficult to have a 100% accurate answer, because the US is a large country, the system of regulations on education and study abroad in each region will be different. Or even, there may be different rules for different schools.

But do not be so worried, many international programs in the US do not require IELTS. Because almost every country in this country, every university is cooperated with language centers or accepts foreign language training. If you do not meet the standard IELTS required, you can apply for a language course, then be transferred to the major program without spending too much time in Vietnam.

2020 IELTS score requirements for each education level in the US

As for the question of how much is the minimum IELTS score required to study in the US, international students need to consider many aspects, which depend largely on the education level that you choose to study abroad. Depending on the degree, discipline and school you apply for, there will be different requirements. You can refer to the minimum band score for each level of education that ApplyZones offers below:

Undergraduate and Graduate

These are the highest academic program in the United States, so the IELTS score is also higher than others. Accordingly, international students will need a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 - 6.5 to meet the requirements. This IELTS score will also have relative differences between schools. In addition, some institutions also require more international students to score in several bands higher than the others. For example, some prestigious universities in large states require a speaking score of not less than 6.5 to ensure students can follow the curriculum at these schools.

Diploma, Certificate and University Preparation

For this level, to meet the English language requirement, you need to achieve an IELTS score of 5.5 or above. However, don’t be subjective, Vietnam has the theoretical training method, so it is not easy for you to get a score of 5.5. You need to invest in learning foreign languages ​​seriously to get high results.

High School program

Many parents send their children to study a high school program in the US, allowing them to have access to a modern, easy-to-integrate education to create momentum for future development. How much is the minimum IELTS score required to study in the US? For students studying high school abroad is also a lot easier. Students also do not need an IELTS certificate, but only need to take the SLEP English test with a score above 45 to study in the US. Even some schools do not require students to get more than 45 points. This shows that the choice to study in the US from high school is also an ideal option to avoid the current competition.

Please note that the higher IELTS score students get, the greater the higher the success rate of visa application is. If you plan to study in the United States, you need to pay special attention to this requirement, because for visa reviewers, if you get English certificate as well as possible, then getting acquainted, studying in a foreign environment is not too difficult, does not affect the learning process later and vice versa.

Can you study in the US without enough IELTS score?

The IELTS benchmark is one thing, but achieving that score is another. May you want to study in the US but your English ability is poor? Don't worry, you can still fulfill your dream of studying abroad if you do either of the following:

- Learn English at an English language training center in Vietnam until you get an IELTS score that meets the requirements of the school and the program of your interest. This option is quite time-consuming, which can make you lose good opportunities because the policy of studying abroad each year will be different.

- Enroll in an additional English course at US universities. This is considered a good solution because these courses will give you a very excellent and dynamic learning environment to absorb more effectively.

Experience the prestigious system of selection and consultancy

You will know exactly the school you that you intend to apply for requires IELTS score or not. How much is the minimum IELTS score required to study in the US? We will help you prepare carefully for your study abroad and apply for a student visa successfully. You can experience the ApplyZones system immediately to answer questions about the requirements and procedures of the US Student Visa application. In addition, when accessing ApplyZone you can send your application directly to colleges and universities on the free online study abroad platform. Let’s try and experience ApplyZones!


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