Immigration policies for international graduates in Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory is also known by its Vietnamese name “Lãnh thổ thủ đô Úc”. This is a southeastern territory of Australia, whose only city is Canberra - the capital of the country of kangaroos. The Immigration policies for international graduates in Australian Capital Territory is a lot of people interested because of the simple and fast procedure.

Australian Capital Territory
Australian Capital Territory

Overview of Australian Capital Territory

The state is surrounded by the Goulburn - Cooma railway, Naas creek and the Molonglo live.

The climate is oceanic, relatively dry, hot in summer and cool in winter. Winter with thick fog, often frost, snow rarely appears in the central areas.

The state has the highest average disposable income level in the rest of Australia, due to low unemployment. The main economic sector revolves around governance and public security.

Residents are relatively young, highly mobile and well-educated. Besides, in the city of Canberra, there are significant numbers of immigrants from countries like New Zealand, India and Vietnam.

It is also the highest state in Australia in terms of the number of students at non-public secondary schools, accounting for 40.6% of the enrollment, the university is ranked among the top universities in the world. gender.

The student settlement policy in the Australian Capital Territory facilitates international students.

Overseas student settlement policy in the Australian Capital Territory

Only a 3-hour drive from Sydney, the Australian Capital Territory is the choice for many international students to settle in as immigration policies and conditions in Sydney and Melbourne become more and more difficult.

The policy of studying abroad in the Australian Capital Territory includes many types of immigrant visas. Specifically: student visa (500), TR visa (485) or 190 visa - many international students choose and target.

1. Student visa (500) or TR (485)


- Live at least 12 months in the state.

In case you haven't studied and lived in other states for the past 2 years, then:

- Graduated a course from a state school. The course required must last for at least one year, at Certificate III level. The job does not need to be fulltime or true to majors.

If you have studied and lived in other states for the past 2 years, you must:

- Having worked full time in accordance with the major studied within the last 6 months.

- If not, need to graduate from a school in this state, the minimum time to study is a year, at Certificate III level, get a job. The job requires fulltime and high skill level.

Full-time regulation: 20 hours / 1 week for student visas and 35 hours / 1 week for other types of visas.

2. Student visa (500) at graduate level

In the case of international students who have completed university programs and want to continue to settle in the Australian Capital Territory state:

- Live at least 12 months in the state.

- Attend or graduate a graduate program at a state school.

- Having high-skilled work.

3. Visa 190 in the territory of the Australian capital

This is the third form of immigrant visa that many international students are interested in. This form consists of two main stages: applying for state nominations and applying for a 190 visa.

In phase 1:


- Currently staying in the state: Living at least 12 months in the state, have worked at least 3 months at least 20 hours / 1 week, meet English conditions, commit to stay for 2 years from the date of visa issuance.

- Living in other states: Meet the English condition of the field of study, have at least 12 months of working experience, prove to be able to find a job in the state, commit to continue living in the state within the next 2 years.

- Express your wishes: By completing online questions about skills, experience and qualifications. Access via page: Canberra Create Your Future.

- Complete the form: The Department of Immigration relies on your answers in the website above to calculate your ability and score to be sponsored by the state.

- Wait for an invitation to submit State Nomination: After completing the online form, you receive an email about your score:

Must have at least 20 points or more will be ranked.

The highest score in the system will be selected and invited to nominate nominations from the state.

In phase 2:

- Prepare to apply for a 190 visa nomination: If you are selected to apply then you need to complete the online profile, providing documents to prove the answers in the Canberra Matrix.

- Prepare necessary documents: Passport, bank statement, skill appraisal paper, ..

- Examination of nomination documents: Applications are considered for 45 days.

- Receive nomination results: Nominations accepted, you receive an invitation to apply for a 190 visa.

- Apply for a 190 visa: Complete the procedures and apply within 60 days.

- Living in the state: Get notified when a 190 visa is issued, pledge to continue living and working in the state for a minimum of 2 years.

In general, the requirements of the territory of the Australian capital are quite easy compared to other states like New South Wales or Victoria. The policy of studying abroad in the Australian Capital Territory only applies to students attending undergraduate or postgraduate programs in this state.


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