What is new in New Brunswick immigration policy?


Unlike other states that require strict immigration for foreigners, New Brunswick government has open-door policies to welcome immigrants to live and work here. So, what is new in New Brunswick immigration policy for international students? Let’s find out in the following article of ApplyZones.

New Brunswick immigration policy is attractive to international students
New Brunswick immigration policy is attractive to international students

Introduction to New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of four eastern coastal states of Canada, adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean with an area of ​​about 71000 km2 and an average population density of about 10 people/km2. It has a temperate oceanic climate with summer temperatures of about 20-30 degrees Celsius, and winter of about - 5 degrees Celsius. New Brunswick's GDP is about $ 42,000. The main languages ​​used in New Brunswick are English and French.

With a large area but the sparse population has led to a serious shortage of domestic resources, not enough to meet the strong growth of the local economy. Therefore, the government of New Brunswick has introduced attractive immigration policies for international students as well as other skilled workers, aimed at attracting them to live and work here.

Why should you choose to migrate into New Brunswick?

Prime location:

  • New Brunswick is bordered by the sea and close to major economies such as the United States, Quebec etc. so this is a fertile land full of potential to develop food technology, mineral, tourism, marine and wood production.
  • Peaceful living environment with the cleanest air in the world. According to WHO 2016 statistics, air quality here is ranked 5th in Canada and 25th in the world.

Highest quality of living standard:

  • Living permanently in New Brunswick, you will be completely covered by the government for free under the government's national health system.
  • The crime rate is lower than the national average, so this is a safe place for foreigners to live in Canada
  • Modern and developed infrastructure

Lowest cost of living in Canada:

  • Cost of living in New Brunswick is lower than other busy states of Canada.
  • New Brunswick housing fees are also the cheapest in Canada

Quality education system:

  • Education is an area of ​​special concern to the state government, so New Brunswick offers a wide range of scholarships, bursaries, waivers, or reimbursements to residents.
  • Tuition fees for students aged 5 to 12 years are fully funded by the government
  • The only province in Canada that uses the official English-French bilingual
  • Home to major universities such as New Brunswick University, Mount Allison University ...

New Brunswick immigration policy

New Brunswick is the state with the easiest immigration programs in Canada. The New Brunswick Nominee Program is suitable for all international students, and the state accepts almost all occupations, making it easy to migrate into here.

Requirements for granting permanent residence in New Brunswick:

International students who wish to live permanently in New Brunswick must meet the following requirements:

  • From 22 to 55 years of age
  • A minimum IELTS score of 5.0 or higher
  • Be working in businesses that have operated for one year or more in New Brunswick
  • Salary is in line with state standard salary

In addition, candidates must meet several criteria to apply for immigration under the provincial nomination program. In which candidates must score a minimum of 50 out of 78 points on a point grid.

New Brunswick immigration point grid




Case 1

Case 2

Case 3












Language ability

Advanced: IELTS 7.0


















Secondary education





Post-secondary education





Postgraduate education






Family living in New Brunswick





Have completed one year of post-secondary education in NB





Have completed two year of post-secondary education in NB





Have worked for 1 year in NB





Have worked for 2 years in NB





Have worked for six months in the last celendar year in NB





Have completed LMO





Second skill





Work experience

1 year





2 years





3 years





4 years





5 years












Case 1 (minimum of 51 points):

  • Have completed secondary education
  • Have studied or worked for 1 year after graduation in New Brunswick
  • No more than 24 years old.

Case 2 (minimum of 54 points):

  • Have completed 2 years of postgraduate education in New Brunswick
  • Have worked for 1 year after graduation
  • No more than 26 years old.

Case 3 (minimum of 50 points):

  • Have worked for 4 years after graduation in Vietnam
  • Have completed two years of postgraduate education and worked in New Brunswick

So, to successfully apply for permanence residence, international students just need to complete two years of education and have a job in New Brunswick. The most important thing is to find a job after completing the program.

Or international students who have completed two years of education and have worked for one year will be added 20 points, which accounts for more than 40% of the 50 points to be eligible to migrate into New Brunswick. Thus, the factor of education and work experience in New Brunswick is important.

Normally, under the provincial nominee program, applicants are required to find a job and that the job must be included in NOC A, B and 0 occupations (NOC C occupations are acceptable in some states). However, only New Brunswick accepts all NOC occupations. However, if your job is included in NOC C, D occupations, it must be related to medicine, manufacturing or transportation (codes are 1, 3, 7, 8, 9). Therefore, it is easy for international students to easily apply for jobs included in the low-level list after graduation. This point has contributed to reducing the difficulty of international students' immigration.

In addition, New Brunswick does not require international students to graduate to find a job suitable for their major, which contributes to expanding the scope of work for international students.

The above is all information regarding new Brunswick immigration policy for international students. With its strengths, New Brunswick is a province that you can choose to study and live.

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