immigration policies in Queensland

The number of immigrants in Australia changes every year. The Australian Government always controls the number of immigrants. Queensland is one of the states that many international students choose to study.

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland
Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland

Introduction to Queensland

Queensland is located in the northeastern of Australia, bordering states like South Australia, New South Wales. The state has the second-largest area and has a population of about 4.6 million.

Australia has always been famous for the world's leading education system. Therefore, with a way of supervising the education distribution system and student support network, Queensland attracts both international and domestic students. 

Specifically, international students are given priority in providing accommodation:

• Shared house: This is a form of renting accommodation with other students to divide the rent price, which is a fairly common type.

• Hostel: The form of on-campus accommodation, fully equipped with life-service facilities such as network, pool, gym. This form is quite expensive, so it is still limited for international students.

• Homestay: Living with a host family, this form facilitates international students to adapt to life in Australia. The cost of food and living is calculated with the host.

About Queensland's transport system:

• 50% discount on all public transport tickets if you hold an international student card.

There are 5 popular ticket types:

• One-way: only accessible for 2 hours.

• Day pass: unlimited travel for a day.

• Rush hour ticket: used from 9-15h30 and 19h-24h.

• Weekly ticket: travel for 7 days

• Monthly ticket: 30 days travel.

• The price is calculated by region.

Vietnamese people immigrate to Queensland through the two most popular visas, business visas and skilled worker visas. Queensland is a state with a low population density, so there are priority policies for immigration.

Queensland immigration policy for international students

Students who want to settle in Queensland in particular or Australia in general must complete their studies in Australia, then apply for a job and apply for a permanent residency. Regardless of the immigration program, international students must prioritize:

English ability:

• English proficiency: IELTS 6.0 (no band less than 6.0).

• If you own IELTS 7.0 or 8.0 or above: Get a maximum of 20 points on the immigration scale or B and A points in the English proficiency test respectively

Work experience:

• To live legally in a country, you must show you are skilled, prove your ability to support yourself and not depend on others. Working experience also adds up to 20 points to you on the Australian immigration scale.

International graduates should:

• Priority to the right major of study

• Work at least 20 hours per week.

• Accumulate work experience related to the major of study.

Studying in Australia:

• The further you study, the higher your degree you get (such as a doctorate) will help you greatly improve your immigration score.

Priority occupations for immigration in Queensland

- Economics: Accounting, auditing, ...

- Engineering: Architects,...

- Information technology: Programmers, ...

- Medicine: Doctors, dentists, ...

- Law: Lawyer, legal advisor, ...

- Education: Teachers, psychologists, ...

Prestigious universities in Queensland

- Queensland University of Technology: Established in 1908, QTU currently has over 6,800 international students.

- University of Queensland: Top 50 prestigious universities in the world.

- University of Southern Queensland: No.1 university for career prospects.

- Central Queensland University: Ranked in the top 150 young universities by Times Higher Education; ranked in the top 3% of the world's top universities.

- Bond University: Rated top 5% of universities in the world and ranked as one of the best schools in Australia.

- University of Sunshine Coast: Rated 5 stars for overall satisfaction of students and the quality of teaching.

- James Cook University: Ranked in the top 4% of the world's universities, JCU currently has more than 5000 international students.

- Southern Cross University: One of 37 schools in Australia's public schools.

- Griffith University: The university has many scholarships worth 50% of tuition for international students.

Queensland immigration policy for international students attracts the attention of many people. The immigration policy for international students can be changed every day, please equip yourself with knowledge and update information every day.


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