Requirements for studying in the US

What are requirements for studying in the US? To eligible to study abroad, international students have to meet requirements for academic performance, transcripts, English certificate, visa... For each school, each programs, there will specific requirements. But, there are still some general requirements that you need to meet. So, what are those requiremets? Let's find out in the following article

Requirements for studying in the United States will vary by the subject you want to study
Requirements for studying in the United States will vary by the subject you want to study

Requirements you need to meet to study in the US:

1. Education

International students must meet the English language standards set by the school. Besides, GPA must be at average and you must obtain certificates such as SAT, ACT (for undergraduate programs), GRE and GMAT (for postgraduate program).

The following are requirements for the higher education of most schools in the US you can refer to:

• GP: 7.0 or higher

• SA: 1,000 or higher

• GRE: 300

• GMAT: 700 or higher

Note: Depending on the university, degree and field of study, the requirements for qualifications will also vary.

2. English language

English is one of the compulsory requirements for studying in the US. Each school, each discipline will have different English entry requirements.

IELTS Score:

• Diploma programs: 5.5 or higher

• Undergraduate and postgraduate programs: 6.0 - 6.5 or higher

TOEFL iBT Score:

• Diploma programs: 61 or higher

• Undergraduate and postgraduate programs: 79 - 90 or higher

If you want to study in US high school, you do not need these two certificates but just need to take the Secondary Level English Proficiency (SLEP) and get a minimum score of 45.

3. Financial conditions

In addition to your education and foreign languages, you need to show that you can afford to your studies in the US. The financial proof is one of the mandatory requirements that must be met when applying for a US student visa.

Currently, there are no specific figures on financial requirements. However, you still need to confirm your bank account balance with Form I-20 with the minimum amount equal to or more than the cost of the first academic year in the US.

The higher the amount of financial proof, the more likely you are to have a US student visa. For example, if your first-year tuition is $20,000, your savings book should range from $ 30,000 - $35,000.

4. Admission documents

• IELTS certificate

• Average GPA

• Application for admission (according to the school's form).

• Copy of passport (valid).

• Transcripts and academic record (translated into English)

• SAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL Certificates...

• The diploma of the nearest education.

• Student certification and identification card for those who are still attending school.

• Referee from a teacher or anyone who can prove your eligibility and ability to study in the US.

• Personal statement that expresses your opinion about a problem. Please note that this essay must be written by you, showing your foreign language ability as well as your personality, perspective and approach to the problem.

• Application fee: $ 35 - $ 100 USD.

After submitting the application and being accepted by the school, you need to fill out Form I-20 sent by the school, prepare to pay the fee and procedures to apply for a US student visa.

5. Visa

First, you must complete and sign Form I-20. Then, you pay the SEVIS fee of $ 350 and complete the nonimmigrant visa application (Form DS-160). Next, you must pay the VISA application fee on the online application receipt page, then make an appointment for an interview.

By the date of your appointment, you must be at the US Embassy or Consulate with the required documents. During the interview, you must answer the questions of the Consular Officer.

If the interview is successful, you will receive a VISA to study in the US after one week. In particular, applying for a VISA is an important and indispensable step in the process of studying in the US.

6. Prove that you will return to your home country after completing your studies

International students need to show US consular officers that your application for a student visa is not for some spontaneous or other reason, but because you want to go to the United States to study and live and the decision to study in the US is made with due diligence.

You need to show that you have an orientation and the capacity to study in the US. Besides, you give yourself a clear study plan in the coming years. At the same time, you need to prove that your family can afford to your studies in the future.

Above is some information about the requirements for studying in the US, we hope that this article will help you.

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