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It is no coincidence that many people have dreamed of coming to the US. In addition to the standard of living and welfare, American education also attracts millions of international students. The scholarship helps you fulfill the dream of studying in the US. So, in this article, we will provide you with information about conditions for applying for a scholarship to study in the US.

US scholarships are divided into different categories
US scholarships are divided into different categories

1. Conditions for applying for a scholarship to study in the US

1.1. Improve yourself

Studying abroad is a long process. To realize the dream of studying abroad, you need to prepare carefully for a long path and have determination. In fact, the process of reviewing and preparing documents usually starts very early.

The race to win valuable scholarships at top American schools is also becoming fiercer than ever. Therefore, if you are not really determined, you cannot fulfill your dream.

The US is a country that attaches great importance to developing talents and always has policies to support excellent students. Therefore, in order to receive high financial support from universities in the US, in addition to high TOEFL scores, students also need to have high SAT scores, excellent high school performance and outstanding extracurricular activities.

1.2. Minimum GPA of 7.0 – eligibility for getting a scholarship to study in the US

GPA is necessary to get a scholarship. Therefore, the government's scholarship programs encourage many students to join by making a GPA of 7.0 or above eligible to receive the scholarship.

For those who wish to receive scholarships from the first year of university, you must be good at all subjects at high school. In particular, the supplementary subjects for the Bachelor's degree should have the most outstanding score.

For those who wish to apply for postgraduate programs, specialized knowledge is important. Besides, you need to have more work experience and recognized research works.

 1.3. English and other certificates

Foreign language is a mandatory requirement for international students. All interviews are used to assess your English proficiency. Therefore, these certificates show that your English skills are very important.

Accredited certificates in the US:

• IELTS: at least 7.0

• TOEFL iBT: at least 90

This is a mandatory requirement for applying for a scholarship to study in the US. Therefore, you must learn English seriously to be able to meet the program standards. In addition, you need to take the SAT for Bachelor or GMAT/GRE for Master course.

1.4. Actively participate in extracurricular activities

In addition to academic and foreign language standards, active participation in extracurricular activities plays an important role in applying for a scholarship.

1.5. Awards and certificates

In addition to academic results, awards and certificates can make you different from other applicants. In fact, there are many students who are in high school have had scientific studies known by foreign organizations.

1.6. Letter of reference

Letters of reference from people you know during your studies and work show your assessment, comments and research process that will help you score with the admissions committee.

Besides, comments from teachers, superiors who hold high positions with a lot of dedication in the work will increase the value of the letter of reference.

2. How to hunt for a scholarship to study in the US?

In addition to the above conditions, you must be very proactive in finding and answering your own questions while hunting for a scholarship. Normally, countries and universities always want to promote their educational image, so they build educational websites.

Here, you can find a wealth of information about subjects, ranking, exams and certificates needed and the minimum requirements. You can compare and choose the most suitable.

If you do not know where to start, you should go to the US Embassy for more information. Because there is so much information that is provided without charge. Besides, you are also consulted and guided enthusiastically.

In addition, overseas study exhibitions are also a very useful information channel. There, you have the opportunity to meet directly with the representative of the school who provides you with more detailed advice, learn about a certain country's education.

3. Profile to study in the US

To study in the US, you need to prepare:

• Application documents: Passport, diploma, recent academic transcript, IELTS or other English certificates if available.

• Student Visa application documents: Personal records, academic records, financial proof. This includes:

• Personal profile: 5 × 5 sized photo, original passport, 1 copy of the birth certificate, 1 copy of ID card, 1 copy of household registration of the student's family (whole book).

• Academic records: Original + 1 copy of Transcript, High School Diploma; original + 1 copy of Transcript + College/University diploma; original English certificate; original + 1 copy of the certificate of commendation & other certificates, if any.

• Proof of finance: To apply for a US student visa, you need to prove the financial support of your studies in the United States. Depending on your program or study plan, the US Consulate office will request different levels of financial proof.

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