Should you study biotechnology in the Netherlands?

Studying biotechnology in the Netherlnds is a new direction for international students. However, with the increasing trend of science and technology development, the prospect of biotechnology is currently very large. To update the latest information about the study abroad program and have the opportunity to work at large technology corporations, do not ignore the article below!

Study Biotechnology in the Netherlands - a new direction
Study Biotechnology in the Netherlands - a new direction

Why study biotechnology in the Netherlands?

The biotechnology industry has been increasingly showing its importance to human life. Therefore, in developing countries, there is always a policy of prioritizing huge investment in training qualified human resources for highly applicable research and plans.

Besides, the biotechnology programs in the Netherlands are very practical. The modern learning environment based on an intuitive education method helps students balance academic knowledge in the lecture hall with skills, professional qualifications, practical skills and applications.

Different schools will have different courses and practice opportunities. Some schools have a partnership with large corporations, creating many opportunities to work and practice at reputable partners or leading reputable technology companies in the country.

When studying biotechnology in the Netherlands, international students will not only be exposed to specialized machines and modern equipment but also be taught by leading experts, helping them gain valuable knowledge as a premise for future success.

After graduation, students can participate in vaccine research projects, forensic science, DNA analysis, laboratories for crop improvement or refining, the management or perform quality checks. With a desirable average salary of about $ 58,792 per year.

Requirements for studying biotechnology in the Netherlands

To study biotechnology in the Netherlands, international students also need to meet the following requirements:

- Having a high school diploma with good academic or higher

- IELTS 6.0 (Note: the higher the IELTS score is, the higher the visa application and the higher your visa pass rate is)

- Cambridge Advanced English Certificate (CAE): C or higher

- Cambridge First Certificate (FCE): B/ C or higher.

Some of the biotechnology schools in the Netherlands

As a country with many prestigious universities, especially those in the world's best technology sector, the Netherlands has been the leading country in the trend of developing scientific research today, contributing to training the world's top-quality human resources.

-Delft University of Technology: is in the top of the oldest technology schools in the Netherlands, famous for its science, engineering and design ... with 8 faculties and many research institutes. This will be the ideal destination for international students who wish to study biotechnology.

- Eindhoven University of Technology: established in 1956, ranked 16th in the list of the most advanced universities in Europe. Eindhoven has always pursued the goal of becoming an international technology university, specializing in engineering, social technology, industry and science of the Netherlands and the world.

- Wageningen University: is known as the ‘green university” and famous for specialities such as biotechnology, science and technology for agriculture, environment and life. At Wageningen, international students will learn in a modern environment with a superior teaching method that helps students apply knowledge and practical skills.

- Fontys University of Applied Sciences: was founded in 1996. Fontys University offers courses in many locations in the Netherlands with outstanding scientific fields, especially biotechnology.

With the information above, ApplyZones hope to help you partially answer the question of whether you should study biotechnology in the Netherlands. If you intend to study abroad and need more information about choosing a school, search for scholarships in the Netherlands. Please visit Applyzones now for detailed advice!


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