Why do international students choose to study economics in the Netherlands?

Not only is quite popular in the Netherlands, but economics is also one of the Hot majors in Europe and is chosen by a large number of international students. According to the latest statistics, the Netherlands currently has more than 14 research universities, 25 applied universities and thousands of other short-term courses in economics. How does this demonstrate the Government of Netherlands' interest in economic development?

The demand for human resources in economics has increased
The demand for human resources in economics has increased

Access to Europe's leading environment

The Netherlands is considered as a country with a stable economy, highly skilled workforce as well as an increasingly developed infrastructure. Therefore, in the past few years, the Netherlands has always been in the top 3 in Europe for startup achievements and is one of the countries receiving the most foreign direct investment in Europe today.

Ranked 6th in the world for export capacity with more than 65% of GDP from port operations and merchandise exports, it owns the port of Rotterdam - the largest in Europe and the 3rd busiest worldwide and the Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport. This is considered one of the favorable conditions to help the economy in the Netherlands develop strongly.

It is this economic development that has created the foundation for education development. When studying economics in the Netherlands, international students will have the opportunities to be exposed to a leading European economic environment by majoring in import-export, oil, transportation or marine etc. You will also acquire knowledge and explore deeply an economic issue from reality. Of course, the dynamic economy of the Netherlands will be the perfect environment for international students to study economics in the best way.

The study programs in the Netherlands not only includes theoretical knowledge but also focuses on building practical lessons, applying the real situation of a developed economy, thereby accumulating more experiences and knowledge for yourself.

Excellent training system with outstanding advantages

Almost all bachelor's and master's programs in the economics of universities in the Netherlands are accredited and supervised by the Accreditation of the Netherlands, thus ensuring the training quality to meet European standards.

Great support programs for international students

Support programs for international students are diverse. Each university has its own support office, always ready to advise and guide students. At the same time, in the learning process, if international students have difficulty in acquiring knowledge, the schools will also arrange the teachers/students to tutor students. In addition, schools in the Netherlands are also famous for having a system to support international students with student visa application and accommodation, so international students can be completely assured when studying in the Netherlands.

Valuable scholarships for international students

In order to attract a large number of students, the Netherlands has provided many valuable scholarships for outstanding students from countries outside of Europe after completing the first year at the university. Especially, when studying economics in the Netherlands, international students also receive many incentives on other fees.

Economics courses are very diverse 

Studying economics in the Netherlands means international students will have many choices from business administration, marketing, human resource management, import-export management, business management, real estate management, business research, human resource management…. With many fields as mentioned above, it is not too difficult for students to choose a specific discipline that is suitable for your future orientation as well as your and family's conditions.

Open job opportunities

Thanks to the strongly developed economy ranked in the top 20 economies in the world, the demand for human resources in the Netherlands is very high and tends to increase. Especially, for economic professions, the need for well-trained human resources is even greater. This is considered an opportunity for Economics graduates who want to get a good job with attractive salary.

Accordingly, after graduating from one of the majors in the economic group in the Netherlands, with a globally recognized degree, international students can easily apply for the desired job in many other countries. Studying economics in the Netherlands is an ideal choice for your future.

Some famous Economic Universities in the Netherlands 

- Maastricht University with tuition of about 2,100 EURO/year

- Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences with tuition of about 6,300 EURO/year

- Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with tuition of about 8,700 EUR/year

- The University of Groningen with tuition of 8,900 EUR / year

- Erasmus University Rotterdam with tuition of 9,200 EUR/year.

- University of Amsterdam tuition with tuition of about 9,300 EUR/year.

- Breda University of Applied Sciences with tuition of about 9,800 EUR/year.

We hope that with this information, Apply Zones has provided interesting information to those who intend to study economics in the Netherlands. If you still have questions, please immediately contact Apply Zones for a direct consultation!


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