Study Environmental science in the Netherlands - Attractive job opportunities

Netherlands is internationally famous for the most effective environmental protection solutions today, so the environmental sector is always considered a strength of training. With diverse and intensive study programs, international students who study environmental sciences in the Neetherlands will have many attractive employment and immigration opportunities after graduation.

The learning environment in the Netherlands is always in the top worldwide
The learning environment in the Netherlands is always in the top worldwide

What will you learn when studying Environmental science in the Netherlands?

Environmental science is the study of human relationships and interactions with the natural environment, helping people to know ecology, geology, energy, the environment to find out materials to serve human life. The ultimate goal of this sector is to understand the attributes of nature to exploit, simultaneously protect and improve natural resources for long-term development.

Studying environmental science in the Netherlands provides intensive study programs, helping students access practical and management skills so that after graduating with experience, students can immediately be ready for the implementation of projects related to the environment. Besides, it also provides a wide range of knowledge about: biology, chemistry, geology, soil, physics, economics, sociology, management and politics, environmental quality, biology ergonomics, biotechnology, disease management, genetics, plant breeding, plant disease, mathematics and model building and international development, etc.

The main subjects in Environmental science include environmental monitoring, environmental management systems, management of environmental hazards and risks…. With the modern education model, students are allowed to choose their favorite subjects and majors. In particular, most of the study programs in environmental science are guaranteed the output quality by leading public universities in the country.

Career prospects 

With a valuable degree recognized worldwide, international students after graduating from the environment major in the Netherlands can stay and work in many positions such as Environmental consultant, conservation specialist, natural resource exploitation manager, environmental experts in manufacture factory, waste treatment plants, water supply companies, water treatment plants, urban areas, industrial zones, export processing zones, companies, environmental organizations, centers for environmental analysis and monitoring.

International students can also undertake environmental inspectors if they are highly qualified; consultants and supervisors of domestic and foreign organizations related to the environment; health and environmental safety specialists in multinational companies, lecturers at training institutions or do research to propose effective environmental solutions.

Why study environmental science in the Netherlands?

Currently, environmental protection is getting hotter and hotter in the world. Therefore, human resources in this sector are increasingly sought by businesses to make quality products that are friendly to the environment. Therefore, not only open job opportunities but also the attractive offers from companies and organizations for highly-qualified international students.

And yet, because this is a hot industry but is in demand for human resources, after completing your studies in the Netherlands, the salary is quite high, about 30,000-40,000 euros per year.

For this industry, you also have the opportunity to travel, explore the world, so those who love to research and explore issues related to the environment should not miss this fascinating study abroad opportunity!

What are the requirements for studying in the Netherlands? How long is the study route?


Depending on different countries, there will be different requirements for students studying this field. In the Netherlands, most schools have general requirements that international students must have studied through the sciences in the preparation university program in which one of the two compulsory subjects is Geography or have studied in majors related to the environmental field before studying abroad. In particular, in the transcript of high school academic results, math will be reviewed more closely and this is also a basis for the school to consider studying abroad records.

Study route

It will take at least three years for students to complete bachelor's degrees in environmental science in the Netherlands. This includes classroom theoretical learning and practical lessons, doing experiments as well as practical research.

We hope that with the information about studying environmental science in the Netherlands that ApplyZones provides above will help you to make a wise choice for your future. If you meet any difficulties or problems in the process of applying for study abroad, do not hesitate to contact Apply Zones for free advice and assistance!


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