Study Marketing in the US

The 21st century is the witnessing a strong explosion of technology and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Businesses require a professional marketing team to bring their products closer to consumers. Therefore, marketing is always one of the hot professions that many students choose. Studying Marketing in the US will bring you many career development opportunities in the future.

Studying Marketing in the US is the best choice for you
Studying Marketing in the US is the best choice for you

1. What is Marketing?

 Marketing plays an important role in business. Marketing includes all customer-oriented activities to satisfy customers' needs and desires through product marketing or brand development to gain benefits for enterprises.

2. What will you learn in Marketing?

You will learn knowledge about modern marketing, including:

  • Marketing research
  • Building and developing relationships with customers
  • Developing product distribution strategies
  • Product pricing
  • Branding or managing events

Marketing covers the following subjects:

  • Marketing management
  • Sales management
  • Consumer behavior
  • Product strategy
  • Pricing and distribution strategy
  • Advertising and promotion
  • International marketing
  • Services marketing
  • Public relations

Learning outcomes:

  • Capture customer psychology
  • Know how to research the market
  • Know how to research consumer behavior and customer needs
  • Plan strategies to promote the brand and develop products effectively
  • Sensitively seize opportunities and challenges against competitors

3. What kind of jobs can you get with a marketing degree?

Marketing graduates have enough capacity to take positions from professional positions to management in departments such as:

  • Specialists in Marketing companies
  • Market research and development specialists
  • Customer care specialists
  • Brand development and management specialists
  • Public relations specialists

You can work at:

  • Joint ventures, associates, limited liability or multinational corporations
  • Advertising companies
  • Media companies
  • Market research companies
  • Teaching Marketing at universities, colleges or vocational institutions

4. Why study Marketing in the US?

The United States has top universities for Marketing, in which the courses are delivered in-depth by the world's leading professors. Especially among leading universities in economics, including marketing, many U.S universities have been named in the worldwide rankings. Therefore, studying marketing in the US, you will enjoy great benefits from:

Diverse program

The US marketing program is the perfect combination of marketing principles including advertising, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing. This program trained students in applying the latest communication technology as effective advertising tools in practical operations, helping students to both pursue advertising, marketing and public relations or product management etc. In addition, many US universities offer a wide range of marketing courses, giving international students more options when pursuing this field.

The internship program where students accumulate real experience

Many international students have chosen to study marketing in the US because of diverse internship programs of universities. Students will apply knowledge and skills learned in many of the world's leading companies in the United States and learn directly about practical marketing, helping students gain experience for their future career.

Experienced teachers

As mentioned above, the US is one of the top countries for marketing schools with experienced teachers who are leaders in the marketing field. This allows students to learn from real work experience shared by their teachers.

Globally-recognized qualifications 

An American marketing degree can give you a lot of great employment opportunities. The marketing is constantly changing and developing, requiring each individual to be constantly creative and willing to learn. With a marketing degree, students will be outstanding in the environment of fierce competition in any country.

5. List of marketing schools in the US

Here are some marketing schools in the US that you can refer to:

• Georgetown University - Washington

• Boston University

• New York University

• Webster University

• Washington St. University Louis

Marketing will bring you many career development opportunities. This is a trendy industry of the era in the context of globalization today. So don’t hesitate and apply for studying Marketing in the US?

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