Studying Accounting in the US

The US is the leading power in the economy and has the education of the TOP in the world. Many students want to study accounting in the US, but there is a lack of information about the program, the cost of studying and job opportunities after graduation.

Studying Accounting in the US: Many attractive scholarships
Studying Accounting in the US: Many attractive scholarships

1. Studying Accounting in the US

The United States has a diverse educational system and is closely linked from low to high ranks. Specifically, from high school to college and university are closely linked with each other in terms of quality as well as educational methods. It is accompanied by a clear learning pathway, which ensures that students discover their potential and competence.

In particular, the US has a well-organized training program in Accounting, fully equipped from theoretical knowledge to professional skills. During the course, students will be taking internships to learn about the market of Accounting in the US, as well as job opportunities and gain more experience. In the context of recent financial crises, the need to work in Accounting in the US has been focused more.

To make the study abroad smooth, you need to improve your language skills (especially specialized English) to better adapt yourself to the learning environment. During the course, it requires you to read through countless documents and materials, so practising your language skills will help you understand the professional knowledge, significantly contributing to the learning process.

In fact, education in the US is constantly developing and innovating, with modern and advanced infrastructure. This market attracts many students to study and work. Therefore, the competitive rate and the cost of studying Accounting in the US are relatively high compared to other markets.

2. Attractive job opportunities 

2.1. After graduating from accounting, students can hold the following positions:

At all organizational units, Accounting plays an important role. Students studying Accounting in the US have many job opportunities after graduation.

- Auditor and accountant

- Banking teller, tax, controller

- Cashier, financial advisor

- Securities brokerage staff, project manager

- Transaction office and fund staff

- Chief accountant, Financial manager

- Accounting manager

- Research, Lecturers, Economic Inspectors ...

2.2. Accounting students after graduation may be able to apply to work at the following units:

With such diverse career opportunities, accounting graduates can fully assert their competence at:

- Enterprises, units operating for-profit purposes: commercial banks, insurance companies, foreign-invested companies, ...

- Enterprises, units not operating for-profit purposes: administrative agencies, schools, hospitals, ...

- State management agencies: tax, investment plan,...

- Universities, colleges, training centers for Accounting

3. Why study Accounting in the US?

It is expected that from 2012 to 2022, the employment opportunity of the Accounting - Auditing will increase by 13%, with an increase equivalent to the average increase of industries. Specifically, the growth of the job market will be directly proportional to the economy.

Not only that, but the recent financial crisis also shows that the accounting and finance industry is being focused more. The strict regulations in the above industry will increase the demand for Accounting services as businesses try to meet new standards. Because this is one of the ways businesses or organizations prove their credibility.

Globalization has increased the demand for accounting services and experts. In the context of international trade as well as mergers and international franchises, this demand is increasing.

Therefore, studying Accounting in the US will certainly help students have the opportunity to find better jobs. With the knowledge and qualifications gained in the US, international students who graduate from the Accounting program with full qualifications are capable of working in public accounting companies, corporations, ...

Graduates have the opportunity to continue learning and gaining experience to compete with senior managers for the positions of the leadership of corporations.

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