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Studying Engineering in the US has been attracted a lot of international students today. This field of study offers very open job opportunities and high salaries for international students after graduation. If you are interested in this field of study, follow this article for further information.

Female students can study Engineering in the US
Female students can study Engineering in the US

What is special about studying Engineering in the US?

The United States is known as a country with a developed economy, especially in science and technology. This is an ideal destination for international students who want to pursue their passion and change their future.

Engineering is generally the multi-dimensional application of knowledge such as science, economics, practice, society, etc. to structures, equipment, systems, materials and processes. The industry can create a solution, or help scale up the most reasonable of an issue. This is a very broad industry including both technology and specific fields. Those who work in engineering is called an engineer.

Salary and employment opportunities are the reason why many international students choose to study Engineering in the US. If students previously chose to study economics abroad, now engineering is more popular. The engineering can meet the output as well as provide opportunities for students to apply for high-paying jobs.

Career opportunities for engineering graduates

According to statistics, engineering is one of the highest paying jobs and incentives for newly graduates. Besides, engineers are listed as the ones who change their jobs the least because of their high satisfaction with remuneration and salary. Opportunities for career development and advancement are quite high. If you have leadership and management skills, your advancement opportunity is higher.

According to statistics, figures about engineering and current career situation in the US are worth attention:

• There are approximately 8.65 million employees in the US involved in engineering.

• The shortage of human resources in this industry is about 600,000.

• Computing accounts for 71%

• Engineering accounts for 16% (traditional segment)

• Physical science accounts for 7% and life sciences accounts for 4% 

• Salary of biological engineer ranges from $ 60,698 to $ 139,350 depending on years of experience

• Salary of civil engineer ranges from $ 60,698 to $ 139,350 depending on years of experience

• Salary of computer engineer ranges from $ 66,945 to $ 160,610 depending on years of experience

• Salary of chemical engineering ranges from $ 66,281 to $ 156,980 depending on years of experience

• Salary of electrical engineer ranges from $ 64,138 to $ 143,200 depending on years of experience

• Salary of environmental engineer ranges from $ 54,751 to $ 125,380 depending on years of experience

• Salary of geography and mining engineer ranges from $ 100,970 to $ 159,010 depending on years of experience

Besides, graduates also have the opportunity to work abroad for a long time with a variety of career options. The females still have the opportunity to develop and apply what they have learned in engineering to work.

Why study Engineering in the US?

Compared to other countries, the United States is a country focused on advanced technology, engineering and science investment. The US is the leader in advanced technology and modern facilities. The international research projects are also from the United States. So when you decide to study in the US, you will have many opportunities to devote, develop yourself as well as improve your value.

At US universities, graduates with Technology, Mathematics, Science, Engineering degree will have the opportunity to stay in the United States for an additional 17 months. More specifically, international students are allowed to stay in the US for 29 months, completely different from other fields of study. In the period of 17 months working in the US, you can fully accumulate a lot of experience and an attractive salary.

The majors of engineering in the US

Some of the typical majors selected by international students when studying Engineering in the US are Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Chemistry.

For each major, there will be specific corresponding jobs you can choose that are:

• Mechanical engineering

Example jobs: researcher, business trainer, production manager, maintenance of machinery and equipment, engineering project operator, ...

• Electrical and electronic engineering

Example jobs: Electrical system researcher, developer and designer of electronic systems such as electrical circuits, electronic equipment, photovoltaics, optical cables, communications, control panels, etc.

• Construction engineering

Example jobs: construction engineer, systems, urban, civil engineer ...

• Environmental engineering

Example jobs: water supply engineer, water treatment engineer, engineer in industrial parks and enterprises.

• Chemical engineering

Example jobs: Managing and studying chemical processes at the production.

The reputable university to study Engineering in the US

The choice of university in the US is also quite important. Students should choose reputable schools for higher job opportunities after graduation. Top 10 schools with a good reputation and current output in the US to study Engineering are:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Research Institute

2. University of California - Berkeley Stanford University, CA

3. California Institute of Technology

4. Georgia Institute of Research and Technology

5. The University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign

6. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

7. Carnegie Mellon University

8. Cornell University

9. Purdue University - West Lafayette

To sum, studying Engineering in the US offers a lot of development opportunities and an attractive salary for many international students. You absolutely can develop yourself, skills as well as the opportunity to work permanently in the US. When encountering any difficulties in the process of studying as well as applying for universities in the US, let’s ApplyZones – an innovative online study abroad platform help you. All details about universities and application documents to complete are available on Applyzones. Besides, students can apply directly for the university of their choice without spending much time and money.

We hope this information will further support international students who need to develop themselves and expand the future.


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