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Event management is a new and growing industry. The events are organized with many different purposes such as entertainment, product promotion etc. If you are planning to study event management in Canada, let find out and refer to the information related to studying in the country of red maple leaves with Applyzones.

What skills is needed for studying Event management in Canada?
What skills is needed for studying Event management in Canada?

I. Introduction to Event management

Before you want to pursue any career, you should take the time to thoroughly understand it. Events are things that play an important role in human life.

Event management is the process of planning, implementing everything that happens according to the purpose of the organization. Events are particularly related to activities such as sports, commerce, entertainment, festivals, conferences, seminars etc. with large scale. In simpler terms, events often bring together a large number of participants and event managers.

Event management is a new service not only in Vietnam but also in the world, but it tends to grow strongly not only at present but also in the future. People always want to make a lot of profits in business, attracting attention from a large number of people through interesting events.

II. What will you study in Event Management?

Studying event management in Canada, students will be equipped with the skills necessary to organize a professional event, including the order of actions from pre-event to post-event.

In particularly, students will learn how to search products, services, brands; how to cooperate with partners; how to make a detailed plan based on product characteristics; how to research and analyze business models of enterprises; how to identify strengths and weaknesses in business; how to price and promote products and services etc.

When the event takes place, how to welcome guests, how to lead smooth events, serve the dining needs of guests and organize activities outside the event are the essential knowledge for anyone majoring in event management.

After the event, you need to analyze the event and conduct financial accounting, which is aimed at considering whether the event has achieved its purpose.

The event management is considered a complex industry because the event management processes must be closely linked. It takes a lot of effort, money and time to organize a successful event.

III. Attributes needed to study event management

1. Meticulousness

Being careful and meticulous to every detail will make your success in this industry. Because this is a complex industry and costs a lot of money. If you make any mistakes, it will lead to quite large losses in the capital invested.

Meticulous control over the organization process will reduce the waste rate of cost and increase the success rate of the event significantly.

2. Aware of your abilities

Determining your strengths and weaknesses helps know what to promote and what to change. Skills such as well-organized mind, rich imagination, excellent communication skills and sharp reflexes in emergency situations are skills needed. If you identify a skill that you are weak, focus on improving that skill.

3. Experience 

Each person can learn from a huge amount of resources on his own but never ignore the advice of those who are experienced. They will be a lively resource, conveying to you clearly and specifically the problems they faced when organizing the event.

Open yourself, be active in group activities and cultivate good relationships.

4. Planning

Always make your to-do list for the day, week, and month. Self-complete each task according to the deadline. This is the simplest starting point to help you improve your ability to plan and complete your plan.

IV. List of schools that offer Event management courses in Canada

Here’s a list of leading schools for students who want to study Event management in Canada to choose from: 

1. Centennial College

- Diploma in Special Event Planning

- Graduate Certificate in Event Management

2. Humber College

- Diploma in Hospitality – Event Management

- Ontario Graduate Certificate in Event Management

3. University of the Fraser Valley

- Hospitality Event Planning Certificate

4. Fanshawe College

- Diploma in Special Events Planning

5. LaSalle College

- Diploma in Event Planning and Management

6. Loyalist College

- Graduate Certificate in Public Relations and Event Management (PURE)

7. St.Clair College

- Graduate Certificate in Event Management

8. Durham College

- Diploma in Special Events Management

9. Algonquin College

- College Graduate Certificate in Event Management

10. Thompson Rivers University

- Event Management Certificate

- Events and Conventions Management Diploma

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Studying Event management in Canada is currently a trend, chosen by many international students. Studying in Canada not only opens students to a professional learning environment but also helps them access to knowledge to organize and manage events better.


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