Studying Film in the US: The dream of becoming a star is within your reach

Studying Film in the US provides opportunities to international students to study and access to the world's leading cinema center, Hollywood. This is a great opportunity to learn the best acting techniques, know how to create ideas, scripts to create unique works and get access to the most modern film technology in the world.

You need have passion to study Film in the US
You need have passion to study Film in the US

I. Overview of the film industry in the US

Born in the late 19th century, American cinema has quickly grown and become one of the world's leading film industries with massive film volumes and top-notch movie quality.

The US film industry has its own characteristics, especially in action movies that always require high techniques. Also, the animation is a very developing area in this industry.

Studying film in the US, students will have the opportunity to get acquainted with many interesting specialized subjects such as film director, performing techniques, acting arts, makeup, theater-cinema etc. Besides, this field of study also helps equip students with full expertise from filming, editing to performing skills in the field of theater and cinema.

II. 4 reasons why you should study film in the US

The US is the film center of the world

The United States is the country with the most developed cinema in the world. The US not only grows rapidly in the number of blockbusters, but is also famous for its outstanding actors and top-notch technology techniques. Therefore, studying film in the US will be a great condition for international students to meet, experience and learn from the world's leading film industry.

Well-trained and professional program

Studying film in the US, students will be professionally trained with practical lessons, helping students easily adapt to a professional working environment right after graduation.

In addition, students constantly update with useful information from film studios around the world to evaluate, analyze and learn from it to have a more comprehensive view of the profession.

Get access to advanced equipment, modern and professional acting

The United States is a country with many top-notch technical movies with advanced equipment, modern machines that are far superior to other countries. So, studying film in the US, you will have the opportunity to have access to sophisticated techniques and advanced equipment. Besides, in addition to theoretical learning, students also practice as an actor or director with the guidance of professional teachers who have many years of professional experience.

Many job opportunities

Graduating with a film degree in the US, you already own a golden ticket with the knowledge and skills equipped throughout the learning process. Besides, US qualifications are recognized all over the world and are favored by famous studios around the world. Therefore, international students will have many job opportunities and become famous.

III. What jobs can you get with a film degree?


Becoming an actor is the way many people choose. This will be the way for young people to go further in the Hollywood market. The salary of the job will depend on your rank, experience as well as your acting level.

Normally, if it is A rank, then your salary will be a huge number, such as the salary of actor Tom Cruise is 20 million USD or Johnny Depp's is 15 million USD. However, to be successful like these actors, it is required a lot of factors such as acting ability, professional level and sometimes even a little luck.


The scriptwriter is a profession that requires creativity, good writing skills and flexibility. And, it is important to understand the psychology and trends of the audience.

The income of a screenwriter ranges from $100,000 to $1,000,000 per draft scenario.


Director is also a profession that many people choose. Although not appearing in movies, the director plays an important role in every film. This is the organizer, the director of the filming, the actor, the editor or the skill set ...

The income for this profession is also quite high, not inferior to other famous actors with an income of up to 290 million dollars.


Usually, the cameraman will be suitable for men because this job needs good health, perseverance because of a lot of stress from both actors and directors.

Salary for a cameraman is about 5,000 - 30,000 USD a week and depending on the level of each project.

IV. Some of the leading film industry training schools in America

- Full Sail University

- University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

- New York Film Academy

- New York University

- American Film Institute

Studying film in the US will be a wise choice for those who are passionate about this art. Studying in one of the leading film industries in the world, will surely bring unforgettable experiences and open up many opportunities for your career advancement. We wish you success on your chosen path.

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