Studying Interior Design in the Netherlands - the country of windmills

The Netherlands is one of the most developed countries in Europe. Moreover, education in the Netherlands is very advanced, always catching up with the trend of the world. Studying interior design in the Netherlands is chosen by many international students. If you are interested in the interior design or want to explore the Netherlands, do not ignore the information that we are about to provide in the article below.

Studying interior design in the Netherlands – a way to unleash your creativity
Studying interior design in the Netherlands – a way to unleash your creativity

Why study interior design in the Netherlands?

Interior architecture has become the current world industry. This field of study attracts many talented, aesthetic and passionate young people. The architecture of the Netherlands has a distinctive feature, focusing on the outer surface of the building. In the Netherlands, many architects have impressive architectural works with a reputation worldwide as:

• Rem Koolhaas,

• De Stijl,

• Theo van Doesburg ...

The study programs in the Netherlands bring many advantages for international students. You will be oriented to more professional and multi-dimensional thinking. In the Netherlands, the first criterion of interior design programs is practice. Students will draw their lessons, as well as have the opportunity to experience in the real world. Besides, the cost of studying in the Netherlands is very reasonable and suitable for the majority of international students today. Many eligible international students can have the opportunity to receive scholarships.

What is special about studying interior design in the Netherlands?

Art architecture

The Netherlands is a country that attaches great importance to art history. This is the hometown of many famous names like:

• Vincent van Gogh

• Cornelis Troost

• Rembrandt

De Stijl design style is used quite popular in the Netherlands and is still displayed in the exhibitions. This style has a great influence on interior design and architecture. You can describe the interior design style in the Netherlands with phrases such as creativity, intelligence, minimalist, luxury etc. That’s why the Netherlands has become an ideal study destination for students who want to pursue design and further their careers and creativity.

Reasonable costs of studying

Compared to other countries in Europe, the cost of studying and living in the Netherlands is relatively cheap and reasonable.

• Undergraduate programs: 2,000 to 15,000 USD/ academic year (3-4 years)

• Postgraduate programs: 5,000 to 15,000 USD/academic year (1-2 years)

Besides, the Netherlands also has many scholarships for international students. With the various scholarship programs, students will not have to worry too much about the costs of studying and living. Scholarships in the Netherlands are mainly offered to masters and doctoral students. Successful applications will be supported in the cost of studying. Studying in the Netherlands, you will have the opportunity to travel to neighboring countries easily, a good opportunity for those who like to travel and explore new things.

The costs of living and food in the Netherlands is also very reasonable and comfortable. International students can easily find Asian restaurants, which are scattered even in alleyways and small streets. You will not have to spend time adapting to the food of the Netherlands, which may not match your taste. If you undergo stressful exams, you should get acquainted with the food in the supermarket.

Government-invested design industry

What makes the Netherlands become an ideal destination to study interior design is that the government pays great attention to investing in equipment and facilities. Besides, the government is also very interested in new designers. Up to now, many sources of financial support have offered. Design is becoming an indispensable industry in the Netherlands. Because, the design is an early stage of the production process, a foundation for product creation. 

 Studying interior design in the Netherlands will help international students have many opportunities to increase creativity and develop themselves.

List of best schools to study interior design in the Netherlands

The strong promotion of the education system and investment in the design industry are reasons why many prestigious universities in the Netherlands are included in the list of top universities. The schools that have produced many of the world's top and most famous designers are:

• Design Academy Eindhoven

• Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.

• Sandberg Institute

• Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

• Utrecht School of the Arts 

• Amsterdam School of the Arts

Studying interior design in the Netherlands brings a lot of advantages to you. Moreover, the Netherlands offers more support for international students than other countries. Students who want to search for information or apply directly to the desired school should not ignore ApplyZones - the new generation of online study abroad platform. We hope that the information will further support international students who wish to study in the Netherlands.


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