Is studying journalism in the US the right path?

The USA is considered the cradle of the world journalism and media industry with an extensive development network and big names such as AP, CNN, New York Times, Time Warner, UPI, Netflix ... Therefore, studying Journalism and media in the USA will be an opportunity for students to experience, acquire knowledge and access to modern communication technologies. Especially, you will be taught by the world's leading professors in the field of media journalism.

Study journalism in the USA: creativity and dynamism is needed
Study journalism in the USA: creativity and dynamism is needed

1. What are journalism and media?

Journalism and media is a large field, including many including many academic programs in various areas such as print newspapers, electronic newspapers, television, radio, media, magazines, public relations... with different literary styles. Therefore, the training will be very different. International students who want to study media and journalism need to identify which areas you are interested and gifted to choose your major so that you can specialize and learn deeply about that industry.

In the USA, journalism training schools will offer programs which are designed to different areas of journalism. Therefore, studying journalism in the USA, students need to identify majors and choose schools based on that major chosen.

2. What qualifications are needed for studying journalism in the USA?

  • To have a keen sense of creativity, good communication and ability to convey information to people in words or articles.
  • To passionate for writing
  • To be enthusiastic, dynamic, not afraid of hardship and able to withstand high work pressure

3. What majors do journalism and media include?

Studying media in the US, you can choose one of the following majors:


Journalism is responsible for delivering information accurately and quickly. This group includes print, online, radio, television and magazines.

To study this major, students are required to withstand high pressure, adhere to strict deadlines and especially have good writing skills and high curiosity.

Studying journalism in the USA, students will study a 4-year bachelor program. During the studies, international students will study units such as journalism history, professional ethics, news writing, editing or press management. In addition, students also practice with written assignments about community and school issues.

Students are always encouraged to collaborate with newspapers, magazines, radio channels on campus as well as outside to gain experience. After completing core units, students will choose to study a specific type of journalism. Journalism students can choose to study literature, history, philosophy... to broaden their knowledge and increase their competitiveness in the future workforce.

Upon graduation, journalism students can work in positions such as reporters, editors, announcer, TV programmer, sports commentator, etc.

Public relations - PR

Public relations (PR) is growing in the current era, especially in developed countries especially the United States. Big companies in the US are always trying to keep a positive brand image, so they are constantly employing talents for their PR team, opening up many attractive job opportunities for students studying journalism and media in the USA.

The public relations focuses on specific programs such as media relations, communication strategies or brands and information development, reputation management and measurement of communication results. Therefore, you will choose specific majors based on the purpose of your careers. Schools encourage students to gain hands-on experience by participating in public relations projects.

Upon graduation, students can work in positions such as PR director, customer relationship specialist, marketing expert, media analyst, crisis manager...


Advertising will be suitable for those who are passionate about creativity and business. Studying advertising in the United States will be a great opportunity for international students, allowing you to learn and gain new knowledge in the world while expanding and learning many interesting things in life.

Studying advertising, students will be provided with knowledge of innovative advertising methods and effective consumer persuasion strategies. In addition, some schools may require students to research marketing, business and psychology fields to understand their customers' shopping aspirations.

Students can choose the following areas: Advertising design: learn about graphics, copywriting, public relations and market research; Marketing business management: learn about market analysis, marketing management and general marketing strategies; Marketing: learn about

Upon graduation, students can work in positions: Business Director, creative director, marketing specialist, market research specialist.

4. Why study journalism in the USA?

  • As mentioned above, the USA is considered the cradle of the world press and media industry. According to QS World Universities Ranking 2018, the USA has up to 7 universities ranked among the best journalism and media training universities in the world. So studying journalism in the USA will help students study and train in one of the best environments in the world while opening up vast opportunities for international students.
  • The diversified curriculum provides students with many choices. Besides, the universities’ facilities in the US are very modern and advanced, ensuring students’ practice.
  • Students will study with the world's leading professors in the field of media and journalism. Besides, with the latest technology platform, students not only receive the most updated specialized knowledge but also equipped with excellent skills through internships or placements.
  • Open and unlimited career opportunities for students in the US or any other country: With degrees in the field of media journalism, students can work in the field of journalism, human resources, marketing, public relations, digital media, education ... with a salary up to 55,000 USD/year.

5. Some of the top media and journalism training schools in the USA

Northeastern University

Northeastern University is located in the heart of Boston. It is one of the world's leading research universities and is ranked among the major national universities in the United States.

Studying journalism at Northeastern University, students will have the opportunity to participate in the co-ops in Northeastern Journalism, allowing students to work with professional units to get attractive job opportunities.

University of Kansas

The University of Kansas was founded in 1863 in Manhattan, USA. The university facilities are spacious and modern and the lecturers are highly qualified with many years of experience in teaching journalism.

Studying at the University of Kansas, students are encouraged to participate in research projects that connect the fields of communication in a variety of social issues.

Boston University

Boston University is one of the leading private institutions in the United States, founded in 1839 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Studying at Boston University, students will be in-depth research in the field of journalism such as radio, online newspapers, photo newspapers ... Boston University graduates often quickly find stable jobs.

 Northwestern University

Northwestern University is a private institution, founded in 1851 in Evanston, Illinois. The University is famous for journalism training. All journalism graduates will quickly find jobs by meeting the requirements of the domestic and foreign journalism market.

Choosing to study journalism in the USA will not only help international students to experience and approach modern journalism in the world's leading country but provide them with many great employment opportunities. So, if you are passionate about this field, why not choose the US to study abroad? We wish you a wise and successful choice.

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