Benefits of studying Medicine in the USA

Every year, up to 40,000 students choose to study Medicine in the USA, exceeding the enrollment target in the United States. Medicine is a difficult discipline and has many requirements for international students. If you want and intend to study Medicine in the USA, you can explore more information in the article right below.

Students can’t study Medicine in the USA without passion
Students can’t study Medicine in the USA without passion

Distinctions of studying Medicine in the USA

Unlike many other normal disciplines, in the US, only a few applicants are eligible to study medicine and pharmacy. Therefore, the enrollment target for Medicine at US universities is only 2,000 students. Therefore, students who wish to enroll in Medicine in the US need to face high competition and pressure.

In the USA, the Medicine and Pharmacy program is only offered in postgraduate degrees. Students who wish to study medicine need to successfully complete a 4-year bachelor's degree. In simple words, students are required to receive enough credits in foundation units such as biology and organic chemistry.

Most medical schools in the US now require students to complete and achieve high results in English, Math, and Psychology courses before enrolling in. This help students meet the requirements to study medicine. Students who intend to study medicine in the USA need to consider this information in order to be fully prepared.

Requirements for studying Medicine in the USA

Depending on the school, the features of the course and the requirements, students must also achieve a high score in the examinations. The higher grades you get in the school's entrance examinations, the higher chance you get to be accepted by the school.

Students need to prepare some documents to increase their chances to study medicine in the USA. They include:

  • Letter of reference from the school you are currently studying
  • High academic achievement
  • Impressive extracurricular performance
  • Good personal qualities
  • Commitment to the school in the interview.

Please note that you should register for the examination approximately one year in advance.

Some of the top schools to study Medicine in the USA

The medical school admissions are competitive, especially the top schools. According to statistics, there are 10 leading universities and are considered by many experts to be the best medical school in the USA. The assessment criteria include research activities, boarding programs, student support, school reputation, lesson plans, curriculum and extracurricular activities for students.

Here’s the list of 10 universities that deliver best Medicine courses in the US:

  • Harvard University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • New York University (Langone)
  • Stanford University
  • University of California - San Francisco
  • Mayo Medical School
  • University of Pennsylvania University
  • University of California - Los Angeles
  • Washington University in St. Louis
  • Duke University

Benefits of studying Medicine in the USA

Despite the high competition and the application and learning processes with many difficulties and challenges, Medicine is still one of the disciplines that are interested and chosen by many students. When studying Medicine in the USA, you will get more benefits than you thought. You will also get positive career prospects.

In addition to the core curriculum, students also study subjects such as psychology, communication, professional ethics and nursing. To study Medicine in the USA, you need to know how to care for patients like your loved ones. Besides, you must be careful when taking care of patients. You need to communicate, listen and understand them as well as capture their psychology.

The teaching and learning methods are also quite special, based on synthesis and analysis. The research accounts for the majority of program content. The evidence is that the US Higher Education Institute has appropriated a large portion of the fund to support research projects at universities in the US. You will have the opportunity to learn, explore and practice with modern facilities. In addition, students also have the opportunity to practice at the hospital in the US during or after their studies. This is an opportunity for you to practice directly and improve your medical knowledge.

In the USA, the duration of Medicine program is 4 years of studies. You can then practice and become a boarding doctor. Normally, medical students will start an internship program in the 3rd year, and start the boarding practice in the 4th year. Depending on the capacity, it takes 3-7 years to be granted a practising license.

Because of the high competition, the application to study Medicine will certainly face many difficulties. Besides, there will be very few scholarships for students and no financial support for foreign students. Therefore, in order to minimize the risk for Vietnamese students pursuing their passion and studying in the US, you can proceed to apply through the free online study abroad platform ApplyZones. You can completely find the right school for you, save time, effort and easily apply for your desired school. Besides, ApplyZones also helps users to understand and track the application process. You do not have to worry about missing information, doubting about registration or costing too much to find out about the school you are attending anymore. Because ApplyZones- free online study abroad platform is here to help you!


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