Studying Nursing in the Netherlands - open immigration opportunity

The nursing is part of the Healthcare industry and is one of the hottest industries on the market today, due to the increasing demand for health care and human health. Therefore, many international students have chosen to study nursing in the Netherlands to pursue a promising career in the future.

Many international students pay attention to studying Nursing in the Netherlands
Many international students pay attention to studying Nursing in the Netherlands

General introduction to Nursing in the Netherlands

Nursing is a noble and respected profession. Nursing focuses on the physical and mental care for individuals and the community. Nurses generally provide care as directed by a doctor, but sometimes they also work independently, depending on their level of training and expertise.

Nursing is a professional industry with many important responsibilities in the health system. It works with other health professionals to care, treat and secure patients in many situations.

Studying Nursing in the Netherlands will allow you to work in a wide range of fields, from public health services on a single scale to humanitarian work and relief at disasters worldwide. It can be said that nursing is the backbone of the health care industry worldwide.

The necessary qualities of a nurse

- Love the job, have medical ethics, and a high sense of responsibility

Nursing is a very hard job with a large workload. Not only that, but it is also directly related to the patient's life, any mistake can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, loving a job and having medical ethics are an indispensable quality to help them be confident and work-ready.

- Have general knowledge about medicine and pharmacy

Nurses must have general medical knowledge, so regular updates are necessary. Not only that, but pharmaceutical products have also been continuously released, renamed, ingredients-added and removed, as well as new technology is applied. Therefore, you must always equip yourself with the spirit of non-stop learning.

Be skillful

Skills are very important for a nurse. Nurses need to carry out accurate and complete skills such as injection, infusion, dressing change, first aid for wounds, use of medical equipment, medical record etc.

- Have softness and principles

Nursing is also a "psychologist". They can review and assess the spirit of the patient in each stage. At the same time, they must have the principle that there is no discrimination and aversion to any patient.

Studying Nursing in the Netherlands

With more than 76,000 international students enrolled, the Netherlands is ranked in the TOP of the countries with the largest number of international students in Europe. In particular, there are about 38,000 European students, helping the Netherlands become a leading educational country in Europe.

In particular, when studying Nursing in the Netherlands, international students who receive a lot of support from the government. For example, students will receive tuition reduction and scholarships up to 75%. Besides, the government also allows pharmaceutical students to borrow money with the deadline to pay the tuition fee without paying interest.

The tuition fee for nursing is relatively cheap compared to European countries. However, it is for that reason that the school requires quite high entry requirements. Students must fully meet the requirements of the school of nursing. For those who have just completed high school education but want to study nursing in the Netherlands, you can choose to study from the Foundation program.

The health and community service industry is a major industry in many countries around the world. Not only that, but the increasingly severe shortage has forced hospitals and health facilities in many countries to hire foreign workers. Therefore, job opportunities in nursing in many countries around the world are wide open.

Strengths of studying Nursing in the Netherlands

Quality of education

The higher education system of the Netherlands ranks 7th in the world (according to Universitas 21). Nursing also has the excellent quality of teaching with professional and experienced lecturers.


The cost of studying and living in the Netherlands is quite cheap, only half or one-third of the schools of the same rank in the UK, USA or Australia ...

VISA application procedure and immigration

Studying in the Netherlands, international students do not need to prove income as required in other countries, except for some savings of about 10,000 Euro.

After completing the program, students are automatically renewed VISA 12 months to find work in the Netherlands. If you find a job with an income of about 27,000 Euro/year, students will be granted a 5-year VISA to stay and work and settle legally in this country.

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