The advantages of studying Dental Science

The demand for oral health of people is increasing, so studying dental science in the US is becoming a current trend for students. The dental industry is growing strongly and widely. This industry creates many job opportunities for students. May you be interested in dental science? May you want to study abroad in the US? So, please follow this article to find a lot of useful information.

Dental Science in the US is in demand for human resourses
Dental Science in the US is in demand for human resourses

Why study dental science in the US?

The dental industry is currently very developed. The average salary of dentists is quite high. According to the calculation of experts, the dentist's income ranks 9th in the TOP of jobs with great income. Open employment and generous salaries have made many students choose this field to study and develop themselves. Studying dental science in the United States is a good choice for international students. However, Not everyone can pursue and succeed in this industry.

The United States is more developed than in other countries and has a very good education system. According to the Times Higher Education, there are 200 leading universities in the world and the US has occupied 27 positions. The US always creates conditions for students to exchange culture and experience from many ethnic groups around the world. This will create an open, multicultural learning environment and attract many students. There are not only many Vietnamese students but also students from all over the world studying in the US.

Benefits of studying dental science in the US

When studying dental science in the US, you will receive the following benefits:

• The English ability is significantly improved. The main spoken language in the US is English, so all courses in the US are taught in English. During the study process, you will improve your English effectively.

• The curriculum is diverse, abundant and innovative. The facilities are fully provided for students during their studies.

• The learning environment includes many cultures and multiple identities. As mentioned above, the US is always open to international students. Therefore, when you study in the US, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with many foreign students and learn from them many things.

• Diplomas, bachelors, masters, and doctorates from American universities are very prestigious and recognized worldwide. When you own it, your employment opportunities are open and bright. This is true for both Vietnam and any other country in the world.

• Universities in the US often have career orientation services. This service will support you a lot in the job selection process and increase your income level.

Dental science units

To get a dental science degree, you have to complete 4 years of study. The basic courses you take are:

• Theory of dental science

• Dental surgery

• Microbiology

• Biochemistry

• Biopsy

All the above subjects are taught in the classroom and practice in the lab. During the program, the students also have the opportunity to experience in real-world. More specifically, students will treat directly for patients. 

Some of the practical courses you must take are:

• Pediatric dentistry

• Dental rehabilitation

• Internal functions

• Dental X-rays

• Detachable prostheses

• Fixed restorations

• Oral diseases

• Gum disease

Some prestigious schools to study dental science in the US

Students can refer to some prestigious universities to study dental science in the US. In particular:

• Shoreline Community College

• Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences - Dental Hygiene

• Central New Mexico Community College

• Stephen F. Austin State University

Job opportunities for dental science graduates

There are a total of 9 specializations that you can refer to after completing your studies at university. Specifically, these are the following areas:

1. Dentistry for examination and treatment for the community

2. Endodontics

3. Dental disease

4. Dental radiology includes maxillofacial teeth

5. Dental surgery includes maxillofacial teeth

6. Orthodontics and braces

7. Dentistry for children

8. Gums

9. Dental prostheses

Dental science is a very hot industry today and is targeted by many friends. Demand for dental care and dental health in the US in particular and the world, in general, is growing rapidly. Although the opportunity for income and employment is so wide and bright, not everyone can easily meet the requirements. If you do not know the necessary information before submitting your application, you probably will not be considered.

ApplysZone is an online study abroad platform, where you can search for information about studying Dental science in the US. Once determined that you will pursue the passion for dental science, you just need to find out on ApplysZone's system. All information about US universities, the necessary documents will be provided to you. Students can fully submit their applications directly to their desired university. Any manager who founds difficult in applying for a visa will be supported promptly and thoughtfully by ApplysZones team. You will not have to search for information too much on the media or website.

We hope that this article will give you useful information about studying dental science in the US.


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