The potential of studying Tourism in the Netherlands


In addition to fields such as economics or medicine, studying tourism in the Netherlands is also the need of many international students today. This is a potential field of study and offers many career opportunities for students. You are interested in this field of study and love travelling to many places? If so, do not ignore the Netherlands - a beautiful country and refer to the information that we are about to provide you in this article.

The Netherlands has many reputable tourism schools
The Netherlands has many reputable tourism schools

Studying Tourism in the Netherlands

Tourism and hospitality are considered as a potential “smokeless industry” in the era of globalization. The tourism industry requires a lot of dynamism as well as a passion of students. The main tasks of this major are:

• Tourism: Manage and operate the relevant departments, be responsible for manage tour guides; receive information to exchange and coordinate smoothly between departments; solve problems arising during operation.

• Hospitality: Be responsible for organizing hotel activities in the most reasonable and effective way, plan for each department, manage progress as well as information of related departments, make reports on plans, finance and work performance; set up regulations and effectively manage the human resource.

Employment opportunities for tourism and hospitality graduates are very open. Therefore, international students who love to explore many places and want to communicate with many people, studying tourism and hospitality in the Netherlands is an ideal choice.

Why study Tourism in the Netherlands?

Currently, there are many famous countries for tourism and hospitality education and training. However, we recommend that international students should choose the Netherlands as the most ideal destination. According to the statistics of experts, the Netherlands is ranked 7th in the world for the quality of teaching and the education system.

Besides, in the ranking of 400 schools in the world with good quality of teaching, the Netherlands owns up to 14 schools and in the Top 100 ranking, the Netherlands owns up to 6 schools. With the above figures, it can be seen that the Netherlands has an excellent quality of teaching, which international students should choose to pursue their studies.

In addition, the Netherlands is the third country in the world for tourism and hospitality. Therefore, the Netherlands government attaches great importance to investing in the tourism industry to provide professional training and increase applicability. After completing their studies of tourism and hospitality at university, students will equip themselves with much useful knowledge as well as opportunities for practice.

Employment prospects 

The curriculum in the Netherlands is quite intensive and advanced, clearly distinguishing the tourism and hospitality industry. Besides, the school also built a partnership with many restaurants and hotels, so during or after the course, there are still opportunities for employment as well as earning additional income for international students.

When studying tourism and hospitality in the Netherlands, students will gain a lot of knowledge for later jobs. Besides, you will be further trained on how to handle practical situations, professional skills and skills to meet the recruitment requirements.

In addition, graduates will have the opportunity to apply for the following positions:

• Tourism management

• Travel management

• Reception, management of hotel divisions

• Organizing marketing activities related to tourism and hotels

• Policymakers

Tourism schools in the Netherlands

1 / Stenden University in Netherlands

This is a public university in the Netherlands, located in the North with the famous study program in tourism and hospitality. You have many career orientations after graduating from Stenden:

• Restaurant manager

• Sales management

• Marketing management

• Coordinator

• Financial Advisor

Besides, there are related specialities such as:

• Event management

• Travel management

• Food management

• Research on alcohol

• Others

Stenden students also have the opportunity to practice directly at many locations in South Africa, Thailand, Bali. Stenden creates many opportunities and support for students, in addition to theory and practice.

2 / SAXION University in Netherlands

This university has 3 campuses located in the east of the Netherlands:

• Enschede,

• Deventer,

• Apeldoorn.

Tourism and hospitality is the ideal field of study at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. You will have a better insight into the service as well as improve your skills in the learning process.

3 / WITTENBORG University in Netherlands

This is also a famous university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. The university, located at Apeldoorn, provides study programs in hospitality industry. There are many bachelor's and master's degree programs in hospitality. Besides, it also has many academic programs associated with the University of Brighton. When choosing Wittenborg, students will have the opportunity to study professionally as well as open opportunities for employment.

In short, studying tourism in the Netherlands is the right choice for students who are extroverted, love to travel to many places and communicate with many people. ApplyZones is an online study abroad platform, a tool to help international students find information as well as submit applications directly to universities in the Netherlands. We hope that the information will be useful to students in need.



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