The report on the male student "made a hat-trick" passed three prestigious Ivy League universities at the same time

The examples of American international students in the top 10 of 2018 are almost 2k-ers or more. A typical example is Le Manh Linh (Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted) especially made hat-tricks at the same time when passed three prestigious Ivy League universities, including Yale University - the 3rd University in the world with a financial support package of 6.6 billion VND. Besides, Linh also get other scholarship packages such as University of Pennsylvania (274,000USA), Dartmouth College (260,000USD), Amherst College (280,000USD), Walsh School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University based in the US and Georgetown University based in Qatar to demonstrate his talent and relentless efforts. So how can Linh be able to create such an outstanding feat at the same time? Let's listen to the following sharing of Linh

Linh assiduously practice for the highest SAT score for American international students

According to my understanding of criteria to choose an application for American international students, the most important thing is the SAT score. SAT scores decide nearly 80% of your chance of being accepted. So if you practice properly like me, you will have the opportunity to study in the United State.

Since studying in high school, I have relentlessly trained English speaking skill. When I test this certificate for the first time, I have got unexpected results. It is the result of days of stay up late to do exam questions of previous years, improve listening and speaking skills according to the standard. My TOEFL score is 120/120. As for SAT 2 Math, Physics and Chemistry, the score is 800/800 and SAT 2 Biology score is 760/800, SAT 2 Literature score is 750/800. As for the ACT, I got 35/36. These standardized scores help me to have a clear view of what I need to learn and the orientation to prepare and submit a record to these schools.

Linh and his close friends take photos when preparing to study in the US

Linh and his close friends take photos when preparing to study in the US

To successfully study in the US, you must persevere and start from the smallest steps

As I said above, when I set up my study abroad plan in the US, I was always immersed in studying and practicing. I have studied so hard to get great strides in studying. The achievements made during my studies in Vietnam have given me a stepping stone to get a scholarship of three prestigious Ivy League universities at the same time. I achieved the second prize National excellent student examination in English in 2017, 2018. Besides, I was also the valedictorian and achieved the first prize in English examination at the city level in 2015 and second prize in English examination at the city level in 2017, 2018.

The opportunities to improve my knowledge make me work harder. Because of those contests, my confidence and spirit of not giving up in me surged. I was always careful in every small step. Every time I took the test, even though I knew it was correct, I still checked a few more times to be assured. When planning to study in the United States, it is the habit of perseverance, persistence, and caution in every detail that has helped me a lot.

Le Manh Linh

Persistence and prudence are one of the factors contributing to the success of making a hat-trick in winning three prestigious universities of Le Manh Linh

Stuttering was a nightmare for me

For me, every difficulty came when I stuttered. My feelings and thoughts are very deep, so I take a lot of time to express what I need to say. The saddest thing is that there is a teacher told me: "I would rather talk to the dead than listen to you." But it is because of this that I feel more sympathetic for unlucky people. They cannot speak, cannot hear, or have intellectual disabilities.

I am always actively involved in volunteer activities for the community. This is where I feel my worth and forget about the self-deprecating embarrassment when stuttering. Currently, I am working as the General Secretary of IVMUN for the second year in a row (model of high school students acting as UN delegates). It is truly a position with an international view and it is particularly meaningful in my life. I had to learn how to talk to make people understand, enhance the hard skills of website design and international diplomacy.

When I see people improve their vision and knowledge thanks to the speeches I conveyed, I feel really proud and consider it a motivation to improve all shortcomings and endeavor to become the most perfect version.

Le Manh Linh and his family

Le Manh Linh with family and relatives

Currently, Linh is studying at Yale - A University is considered as the cradle which had trained many US presidents such as Gerald Ford, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. Therefore, every small step of the way you are walking will lead you to success in the future. As long as you are patient, determined and strongly believed in the path which you chose, success will smile at you. Quickly find out for yourself the real passion and quickly plan a spectacular hat trick like Le Manh Linh. When you think it's too late for everything, it's the earliest time to start. So, study in the US in your way and create your exploits in the future

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