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US immigration policy always take attention from international students
US immigration policy always take attention from international students

Introduction to the United State

The United States is an economic power that has a strong influence on the globe. In 2016, the US was the country with the largest trade turnover in the world and also the 2nd largest commodity producer in the world, accounting for 1/5 of total world production.

Not only does the United States own one of the world's largest economies, but it also has the largest industrial output globally. Besides a strong economy, the US is also one of the leading countries in the field of health, education, facilities and social security policies. Every citizen living in the country and overseas is maximally protected by the US government. Therefore, it is not surprising that each year the US welcomes more than 1 million immigrants from all over the world to live and work here.

The massive influx of immigrants has brought enormous benefits to the US economy, such as abundant and cheap labor without any training. However, this is also a double-edged sword, which reduces the overall salary of American workers, leading to a decline in the living standards of Americans. Therefore, since taking office, President Donald Trump's administration has implemented and introduced strong measures to solve problems from immigrants. The tightening U.S. immigration policy has greatly affected the living plans of many immigrants, such as that Many migrants permanently deported from the United States or those who want to immigrate to the United States must meet more strict and difficult requirements etc. So to not face this situation, please you need to refer to the US immigration policies below so you can prepare to live in this country.

What are the requirements to immigrate to the US?

To become a US citizen and to reside in the US, you need to meet the following 7 requirements:

1. Applicants legally entry into the United States as a permanent resident.

Except for those cases where the applicant is exempted from the obligation during the war, only permanent residents can apply to become a US citizen.

2. The applicant must not be over 18 years of age

An applicant must not be over 18 years of age at the time of application. If the application is admitted before the 18th birthday, the United States Department of Immigration officer will automatically reject the application in the interview (except for cases exempted from duty during the war).

3. Applicants must comply with the laws of the United States Constitution.

4. Applicants have had 5 consecutive years of residence in the US or only need at least 1 year if the applicant's spouse is a US citizen and have been living in the US for 3 years

For this requirement, the applicant must have 5 consecutive years of living in the United States, in these 5 years, the applicant is entitled to leave the United States for a short period of time but when leaving the US, he/she must intend to return to this country as soon as possible.

5. Applicants must be present in the US at least half the time.

6. Applicants must be of good character and be a model citizen.

7. Applicants must demonstrate your knowledge of the history of the US government as well as the English ability to live and work in this country.

The US points-based immigration system

Below is a priority scoring system for US immigrants who are highly qualified and able to contribute to the national economy. The maximum points that a candidate can receive are 30 points and there are conditions for additional points such as:

+ Get 1 point if the applicant has a doctorate degree, a diploma or a high school diploma in the US or overseas

+ The young people get 2-10 points and those who are over 50 years of age do not.

+ English ability: based on tests and assessments

+ Get 12 points if the applicant has invested $ 1.8 million in business in the US

+ Get 12 points if the applicant has won Olympic medal and 25 points for Nobel Prize winners 

+ Get 13 points if the applicant gets a 300% salary increase in the future workplace compared to the average salary in the previous one. The higher the salary, the higher the score received.

In case the applicant applies with his/her spouse, the total score will be calculated by the following formula:

Total score = (0.7 x applicant's score) + (0.3 x spouse's score).

American immigration programs

Employment Base Fifth (EB5)

Employment Base Fifth (EB5) is a US-based immigrant green card program for the whole family.

This program was promulgated by the US Congress in the 1990s with the main purpose of creating jobs for US citizens.

Foreign investors will invest directly or indirectly in newly established businesses in the US and their families, including spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21, will be issued green cards and enjoy the rights of permanent residents and have the opportunity to gain US citizenship.

EB5 has 2 forms of investment: direct investment and indirect investment.

Direct investment: is the form in which an investor establishes a completely new commercial enterprise or acquires an existing enterprise or opens a new business branch. With this type of investment, the investor is required to invest the US $ 1.8 million / interest and create 10 full-time jobs for US citizens or permanent residents for 02 consecutive years.

Indirect investment: The investor will invest indirectly in projects developed by the Regional Center approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) with an investment of $ 900,000 USD. Every year, the investor will receive an annual interest rate and this investment amount will be repaid after 05 years. 

Benefits of EB 5:

By immigrating to the US under this program, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Receive a U.S. green card and U.S. citizenship for the whole family (including spouses and unmarried children under 21)
  • Enjoy all rights as an American citizen
  • Investor's children receive free education up to high school and if they go to university, the tuition is only 1/3 of that of international students
  • Unrestricted time to live in the US
  • Access to the US without a visa since receiving a conditional U.S. green card
  • Receive annual interest and get a return on an investment after 05 years

Employment-Based Third (EB3)

Employment-Based Third (EB3) is a skilled immigrant program, approved by the US government in the US Immigration Law in 1990. This program aims to provide unskilled foreign workers for the US, where the shortage of indigenous workers happens.

According to statistics, up to 3 out of 10 workers immigrating to the US choose EB3. Applicants are:

  • Experts or bachelor: A group of experts with at least 1 university or college degree in the US or an equivalent degree accredited by an accredited organization.
  • Skilled workers: is a group of people who have at least 2 years of training and work experience but not part-time or part-time jobs.
  • Unskilled labor but guaranteed by US businesses a group of people who have completed high school education or higher, trained and have experience of fewer than 2 years for full-time jobs. Under this program, all participating citizens are granted permanent US green cards.

For these 3 labor groups, applicants must meet the following basic requirements:

+ Workers must be between the ages of 18 and 50.

+ Have good health, ensuring working capacity and not suffering from infectious diseases.

+ A clean curriculum vitae, no criminal record, no criminal record or has never been deported from any country.

+ Have been employed in a full-time and long-term job in the US

+ Prove that they have sufficient financial capacity to support themselves with their accompanying people (if any) and do not burden the United States.

Benefits of EB3:

  • Workers and families including spouses, single children under 21 years old will be granted a Green Card to settle in the US
  • Children receive free education up to high school and the cost of attending college in the US is only 40% of the tuition of international students.
  • Get a long-term employment contract in the US with a friendly and fair working environment.
  • Guaranteed job stability and income enough to care for applicants and their family living permanently in the US.
  • Two nationalities allowed.
  • Enjoy all rights as a US citizen (except the right to vote).
  • Enjoy full benefits of health, education, finance and society.
  • Learn more to improve knowledge and experience after working time.
  • Access to the US without a visa.
  • Apply for citizenship or guarantee for family members 

The applicant is not required to provide:

  • Qualifications.
  • Foreign Language proficiency.
  • Work experience.
  • Financial proof

Family reunification

Immigrating to the United States as a family reunion is also a good policy that many people choose. Under this program, you will be granted a green card and become a permanent resident in the United States. However, To eligible, you need to meet the following requirements:

- If the sponsor is a US citizen, he/she can apply for sponsorship for:

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried children
  • Married children 
  • Siblings if the sponsor is at least 21 years of age
  • Parents if the sponsor is 21 years of age or older.

- If the sponsor is a permanent resident in the United States, he/she can apply for sponsorship for:

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried children

For all of the above cases, the sponsor must provide evidence of the relationship.

If you want to immigrate to the United States as a family reunion, you must have an immigrant visa number based on the preferred visa category that's right for you.

Immigrant applicants are divided according to the priority system. Accordingly, close relatives of US citizens such as parents, spouses and unmarried children under 21 years of age, do not have to wait for the immigrant visa number because it is available as soon as the visa application is issued and approved by the Department of Immigration. Immigrant visa numbers will be available.

As for the remaining cases, have to wait for the immigrant visa number in the order of priority as follows:

1. Unmarried children at the age of 21 or older of US citizens;

2. Spouses of US permanent residents and unmarried children (under 21) of immigrant applicants

3. Unmarried children of US permanent residents

4. Married children of US citizens;

5. Siblings of US citizens.

US immigration as a special family

You are also eligible for U.S. immigration if:

  • The abusive child or spouse of an American citizen
  • Enter the United States on a K visa (fiancée) or the spouse of a US citizen or accompanying children
  • Have been granted a V visa, allowing the family to live temporarily while awaiting a permanent visa
  • The widow of a US citizen
  • Or born in a foreign diplomatic family in the United States

In addition, here are some changes to the US immigration policies 2020 that you can refer to for more information:

-For international students or foreigners who want to immigrate to the United States to receive a green card, it is stricter to apply for a student visa and be interviewed. If the visa extension was not longer than 48 months in the past, it is now shortened to only 12 months.

-The US will conduct a limit on immigrants to the US every year

-The US will assess US immigration based on the system and under the new bill 2020

-The benefits policy for new immigrants to the US will not be eligible for federal benefits for a period of 5 years from the date of arrival.

Above are some US immigration policies that AppyZones would like to provide to you for your reference, thereby contributing to helping you better understand the policies as well as the immigration categories in this country. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask questions below to be supported by ApplyZones.

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