Great advantages of studying biotechnology in Canada

Getting a Canadian degree will be a great advantage for those who intend to live and work in one of the best countries in the world. Especially, international students have a high chance of migrating into Canada after completing their studies in some priority fields which is in a serious shortage of human resources such as medicine, biotechnology ... therefore, studying Biotechnology in Canada will offer great advantages and numerous opportunities.

Studying biotechnology in Canada is very popular with many students
Studying biotechnology in Canada is very popular with many students

Introduction to biotechnology in Canada

Biotechnology is an intensive field of study and is popularly taught in developed countries such as the US, UK, Australia and Canada ... Biotechnology combines the use of chemical, biochemical and micro principles in research to serve social development. Biotechnology is a branch of biology along with other disciplines such as medicine, health sciences, food sciences, biological pedagogy, agriculture, ecology and the environment.

Because biotechnology is always associated with human health, the entry requirements of this industry are often quite high, especially for graduate students. However, students who have complete a biotechnology course often get jobs with high salaries and great immigration opportunities due to industry-specific needs and the shortage of manpower in Canada.

The bachelor of biotechnology in Canada usually lasts 4 years. After graduation, students have the opportunity to work with masters, doctoral or research in projects, theses and research teams…

Outstanding advantages of studying biotechnology in Canada

Top-quality education

Studying biotechnology in Canada, international students will study in one of the world's top-quality educational environments because education has long been a top concern of the Canadian government and people. According to the report, Canada is the country investing the most in education compared to OECD and G8 member countries.

Currently, Canada has more than 100 world-renowned universities for the quality of training and education. All schools here are sponsored and managed by government, so studying in Canada will allow international students to study in the best educational environment with the most favorable conditions.

Many scholarships and financial aid

Canada has many attractive scholarship programs for international students each year, especially those with excellent academic ability will have the opportunity to receive valuable scholarships from Canadian schools and institutions. With these scholarships plus the income from part-time jobs, international students can easily cover the cost of studying and living in Canada.

Attractive job opportunities

Did you know that Canada's average salary is among the top 10 highest income countries in the world? Owning a bachelor's degree in biotechnology, students will have the opportunity to work in the field of biotechnology and earn commensurate salaries, higher than Canada's average salary.

Easy immigration

Studying biotechnology in Canada will open up opportunities for easy immigration. With the shortage of human resources in this field, the Canadian government always allows international students to stay and work here. So if you want to migrate into Canada, biotechnology is a springboard to help you realize your dreams.

The best living environment in the world

As a result of the United Nations evaluation, Canada has been one of the top 10 livable countries in the world since 1994. Accordingly, Canada has achieved many ideal scores for average life expectancy and low crime and violence rates

Requirements to study biotechnology in Canada

Depending on the degree you want to receive, biotechnology will have different entry requirements. However, the most common requirements for you to “set foot” in this field is to graduate from high school and IELTS minimum 6.0 (no band below 6)

What jobs can you get with a Canadian biotechnology degree?

Upon graduation, international students can work in laboratories, government agencies, organizations, environmental consulting companies, and bio-chemical or pharmaceutical and medical engineering company.

The job positions you can get are: microbiologists, anatomists, ecologists, biologists, cell biologists, geneticists, pharmacists, physiologists, dynamics specialists…

Some of the leading schools that deliver biotechnology courses in Canada

In Canada, there are more than 30 famous universities for biotechnology \, but here are some of the highest rated schools based on criteria such as prestigious degrees, learning environment and graduate employment rate.

  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • McMaster University
  • University of Alberta
  • Queens University
  • University of British Columbia
  • Algonquin University
  • University of Manitoba
  • Wilfrid Laurier University

 Where can you directly apply to study biotechnology in Canada?

Are you tired of asking for support from overseas study consultancy centers to find suitable schools and courses?

Do you find it takes much time and money to do this?

So now you will no longer have to waste time or money in finding a school, applying and applying for a student visa by using Applyzones, which is a free online study abroad platform.

Instead of spending up to a week waiting for help from a 3rd party to find a school that suits your abilities and interests, ApplyZones can easily do this in just a few minutes. You just need to search and choose the course that suits your condition on ApplyZones, then prepare all the application documents and scan them into the system, ApplyZones will help you send them to the school automatically. In addition, ApplyZones also helps students apply for a student visa as well as understand the entire time and process of application processing, from applying for a student visa to receiving an offer letter.

Not only are students who want to study biotechnology in Canada benefits from ApplyZones, but ApplyZones also bring great advantages for ApplyZones' recruitment partners. You will easily find customers, find information, compare courses, study programs as well as tuition fees, helping save time and manpower in counselling students. Especially, ApplyZones also helps partners to promote their brands to more students 

In addition to customers who are students and recruitment partners, ApplyZones is also a bridge between students and the education providers, helping their brand be widely known by more students through the ApplyZones information system.

In addition, with proprietary technology, Applyzones helps education partners to manage the admission criteria, reduce the volume and increase the efficiency of the admission work. Besides, with the smart membership management system, Applyzones helps them to be able to set goals by filtering and statistics of potential markets. This will be a major step forward, making it easier and more effective to make selection, counselling and enrollment strategies.

Above is the information about studying oil and gas engineering in Canada. We hope that this article helps you in preparing for studying abroad. To prepare well for your upcoming study abroad journey, you need to plan and in advance. Here is how to identify goals to help you get things done easier.

Good luck!

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