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Oxford College - Australia

Flag of Australia New South Wales, Australia
School ID: SC610016
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Applied number: 5

One of 50 best colleges in Australia with 27 years experience in looking after international students

Student Experience
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General description

Oxford College is conveniently located in the heart of Sydney equipped with modern computer-assisted learning centre. Established in 1987, 27 years experience in looking after international students from non-English speaking countries. Our goal is to provide excellence in educational programs in a supportive, safe and caring environment for International students who wish to undertake university in Australia or for their career opportunities as well as preparation for secondary high school. Fully accredited by the National ELT Accreditation Scheme Limited (NEAS). One of the oldest English Australia (EA) member colleges. 

Oxford College, Sydney is nominated as Higher School Certificate HSC 

Why Oxford College?

  • Small Classes
  • Dedicated teachers, skilled in working with international students
  • A challenging, rigorous, academic approach where all students are encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential
  • Private study/resource support area
  • Access to computers and web-based learning materials
  • Individual academic counselling as required and
  • An environment of integrity, diversity and tolerance​
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Co-op option
Work while studying


Avg Cost of Tuition/Year AUD$ 15,900
Cost of Living/Year AUD$ 20,290
Application fee AUD$ 300
Estimated total/Year AUD$ 36,490

Main majors

  • English courses
  • High School programme
  • Information Technology
  • Business and Management


High School programme: 

  • Term 1: 28 January
  • Term 2: 20 April
  • Term 3 (Year 10 only): 13 July
  • Term 4 (Year 10 only): 6 October

Diploma programme:

  • Term 1: A-28 January; B- 2 March
  • Term 2: A-27 April; B-1 June
  • Term 3: A-20 July; B-24 August
  • Term 4: A-12 October; B-16 November
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